Country Wedding at the Bayley Barn (Pilot Hill, CA)

A groom embraces her bride in the field outside the Bayley Barn in Pilot Hill, CA.

They say that you can’t go back. And they’d be wrong. When it came time for their Big Day, Samantha and Shawn made their way back to her childhood hometown of Pilot Hill, CA for a country wedding at the Bayley Barn.

I had travelled these winding roads many times before, usually in search of mountain biking hijinks or scenic landscapes to photograph. But today was different. I was on the job, and eager to capture the wedding day fun for these two lovebirds. I pulled up to the Bayley Barn, and paused to soak in its rustic charm and listen to the quiet of the Northern California countryside. Not for too long, mind you. I had pictures to take!

Since Samantha and Shawn were stationed with the U.S. Army out on the East Coast, we had only interacted by phone and shared Pinterest boards up to this point. Fortunately, our face-to-face meeting confirmed everything I had hoped; Samantha is a fun-loving, flexible, and vibrant young woman who loves to laugh, and wants to let others in on the joke. She’s also a photographer by trade, bless her heart! Shawn is so obviously designed to make Samantha laugh, as well as to protect and comfort her with his strength and determination. And his capacity for wrenching on cars will ensure that they are never without a worthy ride.

The photos of this couple strung up all around the spacious and homey barn revealed a story of growing love and growing together. Their years of dating had formed them into a seamless fit, only made more perfect by their decision to journey into marriage. So now it was my turn to make the next set of photos for their story.

Take a look at the images below to see how the story of their wedding day played out…

Bayley Barn Exterior Shot at Pilot Hill, CA
The rustic Bayley Barn, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.
Bayley Barn Exterior Close Up
I figured it was time for a closer look at the ol’ barn.
Sheete Foster Wedding SIgn
After stepping in the giant barn door, it would appear that I had come to the right spot.
Reception setup for a country wedding at Bayley Barn ion Pilot Hill, CA
The entire barn was illuminated and ready to charm the guests that would soon arrive.
Country Wedding Boot Detail Shot
No doubt about it; this would be a country wedding.
Country Wedding Favor Potted Plants
Sam and Shawn encouraged their guests to take home a potted plant and “Let love grow”.
Detail photograph at a country wedding.
No, “Pig” is not their last name. But I think they own one.
Country Wedding Dress Close Up
Stunning wedding dress? Check. Dramatic light? Check.
Bayley Barn Pergola
Sam and Shawn opted for a ceremony at the pergola, shaded by a lone tree. All that was needed were people.
Prayer for the Bride
Speaking of which, Sam and her bridesmaids arrived in time for a prayer to calm their spirits.
Grandma arrived in time to keep the peace as well. Experience trumps all, right?
Country wedding Bridemaids in boots
The bride and her ladies in their boots. I felt underdressed in my dress shoes.
Country wedding bridesmaids portraits inside the Bayley Barn
Minutes before the ceremony and the girls looked none too anxious.
Meanwhile, Shawn was looking a little anxious…
An eager groom waits for his bride outside the barn doors at the Bayley Barn in Pilot Hill, CA
…But as you can see, he pulled it together and kept his cool.
Mother of the bride talking to a young ring bearer
Shawn’s brother the ring bearer got a pre-wedding prep talk from the mother of the bride…
a bride gets her bustle prepared for her wedding
…Right before heading into the Bridal room to help with the bustle.
A bride has her bustle titghtened by a bridesmaid
Hustle and bustle.
A groom and pastor wait for the bride underneath the Bayley Barn pergola
And there was Shawn at the altar, ready for anything…and especially Sam.
A groom take's his first look at his bride.
A first look and a single tear.
Wide angle photo of the pergola at the Bayley Barn.
Kicking off the ceremony ‘neath that watchful tree…
Country wedding in session at the Bayley Barn in Pilot Hill, CA
…And with an audience of loved ones.
A groom smiles at his bride during their country wedding ceremony.
All smiles, which I learned is par for the course for these two.
Bridesmaids each wearing boots at a country wedding.
These boots were made for marryin’ off a great friend.
a newly married couple walks down the aisle at their Bayley Barn wedding ceremony
Looking married and magnificent on their walk back up the aisle.
A bridal party relaxes after their country wedding ceremony
Sam and Shawn catch a breath of fresh air after the ceremony.
A formal portrait of the bride and groom's family during their country wedding in Pilot Hill, CA
How often is a family as special as this one all in one place?
Silly bridal party photo.
But then violence broke out amongst the bridal party! Sorta.
Bridal Party at the Bayley Barn
What they looked like after settling their differences.
Bridesmaids gathered around their flowers during a country wedding.
Then the spotlight was back on these lovely ladies.
A bride and her bridesmaids clutch roses behind their backs.
Sweet and simple.
A bride and groom prepare to kiss.
Ultimately, I couldn’t keep Sam away from her newly minted husband.
A bride laughs and smiles at her new groom.
If laughter keeps a marriage strong, these two figured they’d start laughing as soon as possible.
Bridal portrait in a field in Pilot Hill, CA.
Better together.
A bride kisses her groom beneath a veil at sunset in Pilot HIll, CA.
Kissyface. What are veils for, after all?
Close up portrait of a bride and her groom embracing after the wedding ceremony.
A bride and groom are announced as they enter the Bayley Barn.
Back to a barn full of guests to strut their stuff.
Country wedding toast photograph.
A risky proposition…
A groomsman clinks a glass to get the bride and groom to kiss.
…which was interrupted by this…
A bride and groom kiss at the head table during their country wedding.
…which concluded with this.
A candid photogrpah of a sheriff looking on at a country wedding reception.
The bartender (and close family friend) stepped out from behind the bar to sneak a look at the festivities.
Photograph of bride and groom cutting the cake during their country wedding reception
Someone had to cut the cake. Sam and Shawn figured they were up to the task.
A bride and groom shar etheir first dance at the Bayley Barn.
Their first married dance…
Guitarist and groomsman plays a song for the first dance.
…to a tune performed by Sam’s brother and sister-in-law.
A groom and bride have their first dance as a married couple at the Bayley Barn.
Intimate photograph of a first dance at a barn wedding.
The best possible barn dance.
A father dances with his daughter on her wedding day.
Sam’s dad needed a dance with the bride as well.
A tall groomsman dances with a short grandmother of the bride at a country wedding.
Groomsman Mike leapt into action when grandma needed a dance.
A bride and groom stand in an open field at dusk and embrace.
A quick sneak out during the dance gave us a chance to play in the dark.
A nighttime silhouette shot of a bride and groom outside the Bayley Barn in Pilot Hill, CA.
Definitely one of the top 10 things you to do at the Bayley Barn.
Black and white silhouette photograph of a bride and groom kissing in silhouette.
Too good together.
A silhouette photograph of a bride and groom making a heart outline with their hands outside Pilot Hill's Bayley Barn.
These two have got plenty of heart.

So congratulations to the both of you, Samantha and Shawn! I pray that the both of you find decades of laughter, romance, and safety in each other’s arms.

Stellar service provided by:

Venue: Bayley Barn

DJ: DJ Freezto with Infinite Entertainment

Officiant: Andy Lamb

Catering: Dean and Karen Beaton

Cakes: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Hair: Christopher Todd

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    Your photography was spectacular, and I have told everybody that I know that. You manage to capture all of those special moments. Thank you so much

    • P.J. Oswald 07-02-2017

      That’s so kind of you to say Kelley, and I appreciate the help getting the word out. It was great to see you and the whole family in action making it a great day!

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