The Best of Both Worlds: A Catholic and Hindu Wedding

Catholic and Hindu Wedding

It was time! After months and months of waiting for a certain global pandemic to end, Joyce and Jaymin decided their wedding was absolutely going to happen. Fueled by their love, help from their families, and pent-up wedding planning power, they welcomed guests to the most vibrant and culturally-blended wedding I’ve ever attended. And believe me, their Catholic and Hindu wedding was a total treat to photograph.

In an effort to honor their roots in multiple cultures and multiple faiths, they celebrated two weddings in one day. There was the Catholic wedding mass in the morning, with our lovebirds dressed in traditional floral white dress and tuxedo. Scripture readings, prayers, music, a sermon and communion punctuated that sweet time. And after a luncheon, the celebration continued with a Hindu wedding ceremony. First came the baraat. That’s where their guests made merry while parading to where Jaymin met Joyce’s family. And from there all eyes shifted to the flower-adorned mandap, where the Seven Steps Ceremony played out in full technicolor in traditional Indian garb. And ultimately, all the guests watched spectacular choreographed dances while enjoying their meal.

Take a look for yourself . . .

Marriage is a merging of everything inside of two individuals: their values, hobbies, faiths, living space, time, habits, quirks and families. Fortunately, a little romance helps to join those two lives even when the blending isn’t exactly easy. And yes, it takes time. When I saw just how skillfully and beautifully these two incorporated their distinct cultures and Catholic and Hindu faiths into their wedding, I realized that they were already well on their way.

Joyce and Jaymin, I pray that the years ahead of you are rich, colorful and full of adventure. May you grow together in wonderful ways. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll become that old married couple that looks just like each other.

Stellar Service Provided By:

Venue: St. Charles Borromeo Parish / Robert Livermore Community Center

Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Livermore

Wedding Planner: Perfectly Bubbly Events

Dress: Janene’s Bridal

Rings: James Allen

Catering: Amber India

Cake: Safeway

Music/DJs: Prestige Entertainment

Hair/Makeup: DesignHer Image

Rentals: Dazzling Streaks Events

Photographer: Fits & Stops Photography + Second Shooting by Christina Hart

Videography: Fritz De Guzman Videography

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  • SGR Catering 04-16-2024

    Best of Both Worlds: A Catholic-Hindu Wedding” beautifully captures the fusion of two rich cultures and traditions into one unforgettable celebration of love. The photographs vividly convey the blending of rituals, symbols, and emotions, showcasing the beauty of diversity and unity.

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