Carr and Feeley Lakes Elopement

Carr and Feeley Lake Elopement

Long before there was a global pandemic there was Jaslyn and there was Kilian. Though they came from different corners of the country their paths first crossed in this great state of California. So as their love story began, this outdoorsy duo journeyed all over to experience the joy of nature together—hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, and photographing. These travels gave them opportunity to truly see each other and to see themselves together for a lifetime. And so it was during a journey through Europe that Kilian popped the question. Though they never would have guessed that the global pandemic I mentioned would transform their wedding on a family farm into a Carr and Feeley Lakes elopement!

The wedding date was set. Plans were drawn up. Loved ones were invited. And then COVID-19 swept in and made that celebration impossible. Sheltering orders meant gatherings, even as special as this one, wouldn’t be possible. And travel restrictions kept family from around the world from making it into the U.S.. But that couldn’t stop Jaslyn and Kilian from finding an epic and meaningful way to wed. After all, these two eat unprecedented times and rapidly evolving situations for breakfast!

Our heroes began scouring Northern California to find a remote and beautiful place for their elopement. The place had to be opened to the public, for one. Workplace requirements also meant that Kilian needed to stay within a certain radius, in case he was summoned into action. And it couldn’t be too chilly for a sleeveless wedding dress. After more than a bit of scouting, Jaslyn and Kilian picked Carr and Feeley Lakes for their elopement.

So on their original wedding date, we headed up into the Sierra Nevada mountains, up a winding dirt road, and even further up the trailhead to these alpine lakes with the help of a couple faithful friends. The weather was sunny, blustery and cool up at that high elevation: a perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening. Speaking of unforgettable, take a look at these memories . . .

Creative. Adventurous. Enterprising. Tender. Flexible. Good-humored. Committed. Jaslyn and Kilian have all the makings of a couple who’ll show the world what love really looks like. And I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.

Jaslyn and Kilian, I pray that you two climb every mountain with grace and love. And one day soon, I hope you get to gather your family to celebrate your marriage, just as you had hoped!

Stellar service provided by:

Venue: Carr and Feeley Lakes Trail

Dress: De La Rosa’s Bridal & Tuxedo

Adorable Masks: Sew Cute By Katie!

Officiant/Signmaker: Laura

Hair/Makeup/Bi-vocational Sherpa/Witness: Stephanie

Videography: The bride herself! – Jaslyn Gilbert Photography & Multimedia

Bride’s Camera Gear: Nikon, Manfrotto, LowePro, Tascam

Transportation: Subaru

Blanket: The bride herself!