People Places Things 12-28-2023 My Favorite Photographs of 2023

Photographs are a bit of a given when you spend your working hours as a photographer. I’ve captured another few hundred thousand this year. And though all of those photos I capture are taken by me, they’re populated by the people, memories, and stories of clients I’m serving. And I’m glad to say that I …

People Places Things 12-30-2022 My Favorite Photographs of 2022

This photography thing started as an infatuation, grew into a hobby, ballooned into a true love affair–and then became my career. Having worked for years now as a wedding and portrait photographer, I fear some days that I’ve nearly killed my hobby. The truth is that it can be hard to want to pull out …

People Places Things 01-01-2021 Favorite Photographs of 2020

This is about the time of year that all sorts of family traditions resurface. It starts with the Halloween pre-trick-or-treat pizza, and continues with the Thanksgiving Nerts tournament, followed by exchanging Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve and wrapping up with Fritos and sherbet punch on New Years Day. Oh, and there are about two hundred …

People Places Things 12-30-2019 Favorite Photographs of 2019

Photography has come to occupy more of my mind and heart over the past seven years. What makes this year different however was my headlong plunge into full-time work as a photographer. Capturing striking wedding and portrait photography for hopeless romantics is what I get to do for a living now. And yet, I still …

People Portraits 03-29-2019 Jensen Botanical Gardens and Some Fun-loving Portraits

Sporting a llama sweatshirt and some nifty kicks, this little man was ready to rock his family portraits at Jensen Botanical Gardens. Being the generous guy that he is, he even invited his mom and dad along. He hoped they’d be able to behave themselves.

People Portraits 03-26-2019 Senior Portraits at McKinley Park Rose Garden

I had photographed her brother’s senior portraits a few years prior, and now it was Emily’s time to shine. And when it came time for her session, she chose the McKinley Park Rose Garden. She didn’t choose the blustery wind, but hey, she worked it all the same.

People Portraits 03-14-2019 Chilly Hands, Warm Hearts with Family Portraits in the Snow

Alicia had been dreaming of capturing some family portraits in the snow for some time. She had the family; now all she needed was the weather to cooperate. Though I doubt she (or anyone else) expected quite this much snow!

People Places Things 12-31-2018 Favorite Photographs of 2018

While it’s my job to capture meaningful moments with my camera, it’s also my personal passion. Now that 2018 is winding down, I’ve collected ten of my favorite images (listed in no particular order) from the year to share with you. Here, you’ll find some of my client work, as well as landscape, portrait, and …

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