Places 03-10-2015 The Misty Forest Between the Vines

I say “Napa Valley”, you say…? California’s Napa Valley is world-famous for its wine. Its sister Sonoma Valley is lesser known, but still flush with grapes that will one day travel the world by bottle. This photo gives a glimpse into the scant few miles of high country forest between the two valleys. There’s not a …

Places 03-09-2015 Light Trails on a Secret Highway

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a modern art exhibit. Perhaps you figured it is a sneak peek from the set of the next Star Wars movie. In reality it is something less entertaining, and far more useful.

People Places Things 03-07-2015 Saturday Morning Doughnuts

Even a blogger needs to take a break. So on Saturdays I’ll post simple photos from my smart phone that capture moments of life from a smaller lens. They’ll usually be unedited, and you won’t get much of a story. But you will see a bit more into my world. This one is a peek …

Places Things 03-06-2015 Hairy Cow Grazing the Grass of Skye

Red hair is something we’ve come to expect from the Scottish. Movies and TV shows have convinced us that most real Scots are fiery redheads. Having traveled to Scotland myself, I can debunk that myth. Though I will report that most of their cows are indeed red-headed.

People Places 03-05-2015 A Portrait Destined for Grandparents’ Walls

Who’d have thunk that we’d stumble upon this couch in the middle of the woods? Okay, okay, you got me. It took an enterprising mommy, a couple of muscular uncles, and one Ford Expedition to haul that couch out to Effie Yeaw Nature Center in my home city of Sacramento. It was totally worth it.

Places Things 03-04-2015 The Wedding Grapes

You’ve probably noticed that most people are nervous on their wedding day. One June afternoon, someone else’s wedding was happening and yet I was nervous. I suppose I wasn’t all that surprised by this boomerang feeling as it comes back to me whenever I perform a wedding ceremony.

Places 03-03-2015 Lonely Ruins on the Isle of Iona

This tiny pile of stones is interesting enough to look at, and the surrounding scenery is truly stunning. But the story behind these weathered ruins fires up my soul. After two years of saving, planning, and daydreaming, my family made our way to Scotland. We drove a “hired” van all over the country, exploring grand …

Places Things 03-02-2015 Dark Corners

The mansion was warm and inviting by the light of day. However, an entirely different character descended upon the house on that November evening. My wife and I chose to spend her birthday weekend in Napa, California. Strangely enough, I don’t know that we sipped any wine during this entire trip. Instead, we explored the countryside and gentrified downtown district of …

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