People Places Things 12-27-2016 Favorite Photographs of 2016

In these final days of 2016, the year has already become more memory than reality. And ever since falling in love with photography, so many of my memories are attached to places or people or feelings that I also got to capture with my camera. The images that follow, whether personal or those taken for my clients, …

People Places 10-27-2016 How I Stopped Dreading My Summer Vacation

You’d think I’d have been chomping at the bit to leave on our summer vacation. Yet there I was, driving down I-5, doing my best to psych up to the days ahead.

People Places 09-13-2016 Campsite Full of Kids

When I spent what felt like a full day packing the car to prepare for a two days of camping, I was hoping that there would be a payoff. I wasn’t disappointed.

People Places 09-01-2016 Heights and Depths in Ashland

While I’ve never been one to feel that intense, gut-level connection to the place I was born, I keep finding myself back in Ashland. Another summer, another glorious anniversary trip to Ashland, Oregon with the woman I love.

Places 07-19-2016 A Detour to the Milky Way

My throat stung as though I’d swallowed shards of glass. My knees buckled a bit from weakness. My eyes wanted nothing more than to close up shop for the night and rest. And yet there I was, dragging my camera and tripod out to the shores of New Hogan Lake at ten o’ clock at night. Foolishness.

Places Things 07-08-2016 What to Do With an Blurry Worldview

Pop quiz, class! Don’t worry though—just one task. Complete the sentence: “Life is…” A) …a journey. B) …a slog. C) …a gift. D) …a punishment. E) Other: _______.

People Places 05-22-2016 Delicate Arch – Moab Part 4

Granted, this was a biking trip. But riding the Whole Enchilada trail the day before had exhausted what little horsepower we had left in our legs. As a result, we voted unanimously to celebrate our final day in Moab by renting some high horsepower instead.

People Places 05-06-2016 The Whole Enchilada – Moab Part 3

We had come this far, and there was no turning back: The Whole Enchilada Trail. The previous day’s mountain bike rides across some of Moab’s most treacherous terrain left our muscles aching and longing for a day off. The fact that weeks ago we had reserved a shuttle to take us up for an all-day downhill …

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