People Places 04-26-2016 Grace and the Slickrock Trail – Moab Part 2

My body had no business waking up at 6:00am that morning. Not when my kids (who rise with the sun) were two states away. Not after a through-the-night road trip, a time zone change, and a rough ride at Navajo Rocks the day before. Yet, there I was in a hotel room in Moab, Utah: exhausted, and wide …

People Places 04-19-2016 The Trail to Moab – Moab Part 1

What began with the most beautiful woman in the world, turned into a party of four beat up blokes careening through the Moab desert. I never saw this birthday present coming.

People Places 04-15-2016 Hitting the Streets with Reed

“He’s looking for something out of the ordinary. He’s into film these days, and wants to study it in college. You know, he’s really into Tarantino right now.” My quick exchange with Reed’s mom gave me the sneaking suspicion that this senior portrait session was going to be a blast.

Places 03-31-2016 Flight of Fancy at Eilean Donan Castle

Since I’ve never starred in an episode of Downton Abbey myself, I suppose our tour of Eilean Donan castle was the closest I’ll come.

People Places 03-22-2016 Sky High

Divide and conquer; That’s our strategy for surviving as parents of three kids. But when I’m not just surviving, I’m reminded that nothing speaks love to my kids like spending time one-on-one with them. When it was three-year-old William’s turn for what he calls a “Daddy/William Date”, he opted for Mexican food and a trip to the Aerospace Museum of California. He’d been dreaming about this …

Places 03-16-2016 Rising Waters and a Quick Trip To Ireland

Sure, that famous Windows XP wallpaper was pretty, but I’m of the opinion that it could have used a few more trees. So when a rollicking rainstorm somehow transported me to the rolling hills of Ireland, I reckoned I’d better hop out of the car with my camera and get into action.

People Places 03-01-2016 Full of Promise

There are many feelings that I wish I could bottle, only to save away for some other time that I’m feeling thirsty for that sentiment. This moment of promise was precisely one of those times. Had it been bottled, I believe it would have aged quite nicely.

Places 02-22-2016 In-between Springs in Napa

Midwesterners reckon that out here in California, we don’t know the meaning of the word “cold”. And shucks, they’re right. In nearly thirty years of living here, I’ve never dealt with a frozen pipe. I’ve hardly ever had to scrape the morning frost from my windshield. I have to travel a ways up into the …

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