Places 09-15-2015 Th’ Muckle Loch Ness

Ordinarily, you’d expect to see the color green in photos of Scotland. Or at least a man in a kilt, clutching his pipes looking wistfully at the horizon … perhaps at freedom itself. It would also seem that you’re obligated to offer illustrations of the Loch Ness Monster whenever discussing the famous lake. When others zig, …

People Places 09-01-2015 One Last Dive

If you’ve read any of my other stories of Hawaii, you’ll know that water and I are not the best of friends. And yet I continue to find myself riding boats that speed me out to the depths of the ocean for snorkeling. Chalk it up to peer pressure. Or my forgetfulness!

People Places 08-18-2015 Hunter-Gatherer

One of the most delightful things about kids is the sense of purpose that they bring to their play. While adults are busy with their boring and grown-up concerns, kids can afford to pour all of their being into, well, every single thing they do. Just watch a kid pumping on the swings, or dancing …

Places 08-15-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Homeland

Nope. No 500-word post for you today. No photo taken by my hefty Nikon DSLR. Just a simple unedited photo from my smartphone that shows you a tiny slice of my life. Most summers, my wife and I visit my homeland of Oregon to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This means driving for a few hours through …

Places 08-13-2015 Light Breaking Through the Redwood Canopy

Your environment has incredible power over your experience of life. A place can set you at ease, or it can fill you with excitement or anxiety. Step into your office or job site and you’ll likely be influenced to think about your work life and responsibilities. Walk in your front door and you’ll be sucked into your …

Places 08-07-2015 What’s Left Behind

A birth, a death Ten thousand breaths between If dust indeed returns to dust A common end awaits us An earthen rest ever follows That final breath, released

Places 08-04-2015 Rise and Fall at Kealakekua Bay

I’m afraid of water. There, I said it. Maybe I’d better clarify. I love to drink a cool glass of water, and I enjoy the fish tank at the dentist’s office. I can always appreciate a good rain. So when I say I’m afraid of water, it is more a fear of drowning because I’m a poor swimmer. And yet somehow, I …

Places 08-01-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Lonely Chapel

No how-to tutorials or epic stories today. It is Smartphone Saturday. Just a simple, unedited photo from my smartphone. Ten minutes earlier we were running off the beach at St. Andrews to our van, in vain hopes of escaping a sudden Scottish downpour. We cranked the heater to its highest setting and drove north toward …

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