Places 05-28-2015 A Break in the Clouds of Depression

If the sort of epic battles you see in summer blockbusters play out anywhere in the real world, they just might happen in the clouds above Scotland. Or, you know, in your mind.

Places Things 05-19-2015 Hard Candy Ferris Wheel

My mom didn’t let my brother and I eat those colorful, sweetened cereals when we were young. We probably knew every Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Lucky Charms jingle by heart, but we weren’t allowed to eat them. With colors so blatantly artificial, there could be nothing redeeming about a bowl full of the stuff, she …

Places 05-16-2015 Smartphone Saturday: McCaig’s Tower

Saturday is a wonderful day to not blog and hang out with my kiddos instead. That’s why on this last day of the week, you’ll see a simple, unedited photo captured by my Lumia 1020 smartphone. Today’s photo shows the entrance to the only replica of the Roman Colosseum that is built in the hills …

Places 05-11-2015 End of the Line at Point Reyes

The three-hour car ride was plenty of time to build up anticipation for a day at the beach. Now that we had run, splashed, dug and held back the waves, we were all running a little low on energy. The time to pile back in the van for the long ride home was nearly upon …

Places 05-09-2015 Smartphone Saturday: The Fox Theater

Happy Saturday to you … and to me too! This is my day to take a break from blogging to post a simple unedited photo from my smartphone. Today’s photo showcases the vintage sign hanging at the front of Oakland’s Fox Theater. My wife and I had made the drive with some good friends to …

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People Places Things 05-07-2015 The Toad Whisperer

Robert Redford portrayed a man who had a way with horses in his 1998 film, The Horse Whisperer. Cesar Millan later came to fame in his show The Dog Whisperer. My son? He’s the Toad Whisperer.

People Places 05-02-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Not Danny MacAskill

This last day of the week is my day of rest from blogging. Ok, that’s a lie. I blog for about five minutes with my weekly Smartphone Saturday post. The photos are unedited, straight off of my Lumia 1020 smartphone. Aside from photography, I enjoy quite a few other things. I love family. I love …

Places Things 04-30-2015 Golfing Atop the Himalayas

It had taken years of planning and considerable cost. But together, we had scaled the heights of the Himalayas. No, not those Himalayas. The Himalayas Putting Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, silly.

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