People Places 04-28-2015 Taking the Plunge

After five years of dating, Justine and Joel had decided that this was the day to join their lives inseparably. And after one year of photography, this was the day I would shoot my first wedding. *Gulp*. Several of us were taking the plunge that day.

Places 04-25-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Robotic Eye

On Smartphone Saturdays, I take a relative break from blogging to share a simple, unedited photo from my phone. Today’s photo looks like the cornea and iris of everybody’s favorite transformer Optimus Prime. Can’t you just see the robotic eye? In reality, you can catch this stunning view yourself by visiting the California State Capitol …

Places 04-22-2015 Riding Off Into the Oban Sunset

After two phenomenal weeks of travelling Scotland with my family and my parents, it was time for us to part ways. The coastal city of Oban played host to our final minutes together, and to a photo that is especially meaningful to me.

Places Things 04-18-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Tires to the Trail

Today’s my day off from blogging, sorta. I use Saturdays to share simple, unedited photos from my smartphone that give you a glimpse into my photography and into my life. This blue hybrid bicycle is my wife’s trusty steed, giving its tires a brief rest along one of the longest paved bike trails not only …

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Places 04-17-2015 Up Against Greyfriars Kirkyard

My home is in California. It is a beautiful and rugged land that was first home to native Americans, then penniless pioneers and gold-crazed prospectors. It is also one of the younger American states. Perhaps all that explains why so many of the cemeteries of California are small or even neglected. Those dwelling here in California came …

People Places Things 04-11-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Farewell, Phone Booth

The sixth day of the week is my chance to take a breather from blogging. But I can’t help myself from at least posting an unedited photo from my smartphone. Today’s photo is from Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow. I watched as one of the last phone booths in the city was plucked from the …

Places 04-06-2015 Meanwhile, Back at the Lair…

For all you know, this could very well be the bad guy’s lair, nestled in some dark corner of Gotham City. Or it could home to Sacramento’s hippest senior citizens!

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