Weddings 09-25-2018 Cozy Country Wedding at a Private Estate

Remember the story of the city mouse and the country mouse? Well, this here marriage pairs a country mouse and a country mouse. There’s no city mouse in this relationship. So when it was time to plan the wedding, nobody had a doubt this would be a straight country wedding.

Weddings 08-14-2018 Thoroughly Metropolitan and Catholic San Francisco Wedding

Christine and Jack are total sweethearts who happen to have left their hearts in San Francisco. Which explains why they opted for a whirlwind San Francisco wedding.

Weddings 03-22-2018 An Intimate Wedding at South Lake Tahoe

Sometimes, the body of water closest to you isn’t the right one for a wedding. Erin and Mike’s love story may have been filled surfing the Pacific Ocean, but when finding the perfect spot to celebrate their wedding, they knew it had to be the waters and woods of South Lake Tahoe.

Weddings 01-30-2018 Surf and Turf Wedding in the Scotts Valley Redwoods

Sure, Valerie and Scott spent most of their dating relationship in their hometown of Sacramento. Though when it came time to tie the knot, they prepared a surf and turf wedding that started in the Scotts Valley redwoods and progressed to the sands of Seacliff State Beach. Talk about your love letter to wedding photographers!

Weddings 01-09-2018 Downtown Wedding at Mulvaney’s Building and Loan

Decisions, decisions. What do you do when your grad school graduation ceremony falls on the same day as your wedding? For Ashley, the choice was easy: trade the cap and gown for the dress and veil and head to Mulvaney’s Building and Loan for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Weddings 10-15-2017 Ashley + Sebastian’s Crooked Vine Winery Wedding (Livermore, CA)

For all the checklists, preparations, and programming involved in putting on a wedding, ultimately, that wedding is about two people choosing life together. Ashley and Sebastian so clearly kept that truth in mind as they celebrated their wedding at the Crooked Vine Winery. And seeing such a classy and calm couple join in marriage just …

Weddings 09-11-2017 Urban Wedding at The Firehouse Restaurant

Parenthood means moving at the speed of kids. Anybody with children in tow can tell you that. And that’s exactly what Erika and Greg did throughout their lovely wedding day at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento.

Weddings 05-22-2017 Country Wedding at the Bayley Barn (Pilot Hill, CA)

They say that you can’t go back. And they’d be wrong. When it came time for their Big Day, Samantha and Shawn made their way back to her childhood hometown of Pilot Hill, CA for a country wedding at the Bayley Barn.

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