Weddings 01-03-2017 Roaming Lake Tahoe with the Newlyweds

I could tell early on that working with Nichole and Nicholas would be a treat. Christmas comes a little early for me when a bride asks if we can spend most of the day shooting outdoors in Lake Tahoe. Capturing photos of some of the sweetest moments of a couple’s life against a backdrop of stunning mountaintop creation is precisely …

Weddings 11-10-2016 Khrystina and Cole’s Wedding at Crawford’s Barn

I made my fair share of boneheaded choices as a young boy. My dad looked on at these choices and commented on them without coming on too strong. Jokingly, he often asked the question: “What, were you born in a barn?” Well, Khrystina and Cole, may not have been born in a barn. But they …

Weddings 09-06-2016 Jerilyn and Mark’s Antiquité Maison Privée Wedding

Jerilyn and Mark first met back in the nineties, over two full decades before. And after all sorts of life and adventure together it was time for an even greater adventure. This was their wedding day, and it was all happening at Sacramento’s Antiquité Maison Privée.

Weddings 08-10-2016 Destination Wedding…at the Murder Mansion?

I awoke that morning to light spilling through unfamiliar lace curtains. I hadn’t noticed them the night before. I’m not sure I noticed much of anything after arriving late to this rural Pennsylvania town the preceding night. But a good night’s sleep later and I was ready to photograph this destination wedding…at the Murder Mansion.

Weddings 06-16-2016 Shaina and Josh’s Carmichael Presbyterian Church Wedding

After eight years of dating and even engagement, Shaina and Joshua were finally calling it quits. More accurately, they were giving up their old relationship for a new life of wedded bliss, and Erica and I were thrilled to photograph their wedding day there at Carmichael Presbyterian Church.

Weddings 05-26-2016 Amy and Darrin’s Wedding at Rough and Ready Vineyard

These two lovebirds found each other not all that long ago. But after they did, Amy and Darrin quickly realized that their future would be best spent together. Lucky for Erica and I, we got to come along for the ride and photograph their wedding day at Rough and Ready Vineyard and Guesthouse in—you guessed it—Rough and …

Weddings 01-05-2016 Tara and Dusty’s Elopement at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards

You’ve got several options when planning an elopement ’round here. Visit the County Clerk Recorder’s Office for a quick civil ceremony. Or if you’re looking for a bit more pizzazz, cross the Nevada state line to visit one of the many purpose-built wedding chapels. Officiants are standing by 24/7 to perform your nuptials on-demand, you know. However, if you’re …

Weddings 09-10-2015 Wedding Day in the Woods

My wife and I dropped off our kids at the in-laws’ house just after the break of dawn that Sunday morning. Even though it was early, we hustled back to the car with nervous energy and jumped in. We exchanged a knowing look — as well as a gulp. This was going to be a special day for so many reasons.

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