Downtown Wedding at Mulvaney’s Building and Loan

Dramatic photograph of a groom and bride standing in a brick alleyway at Mulvaney's Building and Loan

Decisions, decisions. What do you do when your grad school graduation ceremony falls on the same day as your wedding? For Ashley, the choice was easy: trade the cap and gown for the dress and veil and head to Mulvaney’s Building and Loan for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

When it comes to weddings, “when it rains, it pours” is as apt an expression as ever. Ashley and Tyson were certainly in the middle of one of life’s downpours. Tyson had recently taken a new job in Florida and had moved out that direction to prepare the way. Meanwhile, Ashley was finishing up graduate school and an internship, and mapping out the shape professional life would take after leaving home in Sacramento for Florida. There was also that wedding planning thing.

Though they grew up on different sides of the country, their love story unfolded in California. So Sacramento took the top spot on the list when it came time to choosing where to tie the knot. And their favorite restaurant in town, the rustic and vintage Mulvaney’s Building and Loan, just had to be the place.

But their wedding story started somewhere else, ten stories up the Residence Inn in Downtown Sacramento. Take a look…

A wedding dress hangs in the window of a 10th floor hotel room
Ashley and her ladies had a room with a view to make themselves ready for the day.
Detail photograph of a wedding ring and engagement band on top of an upside down champaign glass stem.
The rings were all ready for the Big Day as well.
Black and white photo of a bride getting ready for her wedding, starting with her veil.
Starting with the veil, eh?
Photography of a makeup kit on the wedding day.
They had all sorts of tools at their disposal.
A groom and his groomsmen share some whiskey before getting on with the wedding day.
Meanwhile, Tyson and his groomsmen had worked up a thirst getting ready.
Black and white photograph of a bride and bridesmaid looking down at the groom from a tenth floor window.
Keeping an eye on the boys down below.
Overhead photograph of a groom crossing the street with his groomsmen.
…And here’s what she saw.
Photograph of a groom crossing the street with his two groomsmen.
Here’s what I saw.
A portrait photograph of a groom in a rose garden, looking at the ground.
Back at the World Peace Rose Garden for a bit of a Bond moment–James Bond.
Photograph of a Latina bride dressed in her wedding gown.
Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Ashley resigned to the fact that she’d need to put on her dress…
Detail shot of a bride wearing her wedding shoes, with painted nails.
…And her shoes.
Photograph of bridesmaids helping a bride getting ready for her wedding ceremony.
Her bridesmaids totally came in handy.
Close up portrait of a bride on her wedding day.
Looking beautiful and ready to do this thing.
It was time to leave the hotel and snap some portraits…and avoid seeing Tyson and the boys.
A portrait photograph of a bride standing in a rose garden.
To the rose garden!
Portrait of a Latina Bride standing in a rose garden.
There she is again. We just couldn’t stop capturing portraits on this beautiful fall day.
Portrait of a bride smiling as she stands in the World Peace Rose Garden in downtown Sacramento
One happy lady.
A bride and her bridesmaids chatting with eachother in a rose garden.
Three happy ladies.
A Latina bride and her two bridesmaids pose for a portrait at the World Peace Rose Garden.
Time for all of the ladies to shine.
Bride with two bridesmaids holding flowers behind their waists
Just a few minutes to go, waiting for their Uber ride back to Mulvaney’s.
A Sandwich board reads "Tyson & Ashley's Wedding Ceremony"
It seemed they had made it to the right place.
A crowd begins to be seated in a narrow wedding venue.
Meanwhile, the guests took their seats in the bricked out breezeway at Mulvaney’s Building and Loan.
A groomsman and bridesmaid make their way down the aisle.
Getting this show on the road, part 1…
A bridesmaid and groomsman walk down the aisle to the front of a wedding venue.
…And part 2.
A groom takes his first look at his bride at Mulvaney's Building and Loan.
After avoiding her strategically throughout the day, she walked in. Tyson was all smiles.
Close up of a bouquet with a wedding being officiated in the background.
Putting the petals to the metal?
A bride and groom look at eachother during their wedding ceremony.
Tio Fernando made an excellent officiant. And even if he hadn’t, Ashley and Tyson were clearly in the mood for marriage.
Black and white photograph of a latina bride making her vow to her groom.
Making promises and pushing jewelry.
Black and white photograph of a groom delivering his vows.
Tyson returned her vow volley with heart.
A couple shares a kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony.
The kiss.
Black and white photograph of a bride wiping lipstick off her groom's face.
I guess she figured her lipstick looked better on her than him.
Ashley married into this family…which includes Smash Bros. players, thankfully.
Portrait of a bride and groom with her mother and brother.
Tyson married into this family. Smaller in number, but family all the same!
Black and white image of a bride signing her marriage license.
Making their newborn marriage even more official.
Tables set for a wedding at Mulvaney's Building and Loan.
Mulvaney’s was geared up and ready for everything the night threw at it.
Close up photograph of a bouquet and water goblets.
With foliage like this…
Strings of dried chili peppers hang above a wedding venue.
…And this. Okay, okay, you got me. This was right outside the reception hall, but was too cool (or hot) not to include.
Photography of the view from the head table at a wedding reception at Mulvaney's Building and Loan.
The table with the best view.
A table full of deserts at a wedding reception
The table with the highest calorie count.
Meanwhile, back with husband and wife…
Black and white photograph of a bride and groom getting close to eachother against a brick wall.
Letting the light fall where it may.
Photograph of a newly married couple standing at the entrance to Mulvaney's Building and Loan.
This totally stunning couple was totally blocking the entrance to Mulvaney’s Building and Loan.
Black and white photograph of a bride and groom kissing while kneeled at the gate to Mulvaney's Building and Loan.
I guess that earlier kiss was the first of a series.
Photograph of Tyson and Ashley making a grand entrance to their wedding reception.
The time had come for Tyson and Ashley to kick off their grand party.
A number of wedding guests watch a game at the bar.
And it didn’t take long for the party to hit fever pitch. Ashley and Tyson elected to keep the game onscreen for the night.
Guests at a wedding reception break out in song!
Then the guests broke out in song!
The mother of the bride beams at her daughter as she holds a drink.
The proud mama beams at her daughter.
A bride gives a hearty hug to a guest who had just arrived.
Ashley had this policy of giving great hugs to great people.
A bride opens a giant door at her reception hall, peeking out at the streets outside.
Then it was time for us to head out for a sunset sneakout.
A bride and groom stand in the middle of a crosswalk as the groom dips and kisses his bride.
Stopping traffic in Downtown Sacramento.
A bride and groom hold hands as the cross a downtown Sacramento street.
Who knew that crossing streets could be so entertaining?
A bride and groom kiss, seated in front of a mural.
Sacramento has been covered by a multitude of murals lately. These two made this mural even better.
A bride and groom kiss beneath a bridal veil against a blue wall.
If you’ve got a veil, put it to use, I reckon.
Black and white photograph of a wedding reception at Mulvaney's Building and Loan.
And then back to the guests, where there was a surprise waiting.
A bride wears a master's degree hood at her wedding ceremony.
Knowing she couldn’t make her graduation ceremony, faculty and a fellow grad threw her a surprise graduation with master’s degree hood.
A low-key photograph of a bride and groom dancing.
What do you do when you get married and graduate in the same day? Dance your first dance!
A grandfather sings a traditional spanish song while dancing with the bride.
When Grandpa breaks into song while dancing with the bride.
Black and white photos of guests dancing at a wedding reception.
It wasn’t long ’til most everyone was up on their feet.
Photograph of a bride dancing in the middle of her guests at a wedding reception.
They even danced in color at times!
A groom teaches his nieces to dance during his wedding reception.
Tyson made sure that the littles learned their steps as well.
A bride and groom dance together with their guests at a nighttime wedding reception at Mulvaney's Building and Loan.
Dancing the night away, just as they had planned.

Before the wedding day, Ashley and Tyson let me know that they had little interest in putting on a traditional wedding. They wanted to throw an unforgettable party, eat great food, and dance with a roomful of the people they cared about most. I’d say they pulled it off. Or even more appropriately, “Mission complete!”. (That one’s for you, Tyson)

Ashley and Tyson, I pray that your new married life builds the foundation for a lifetime of love and adventure together. Keep it up!

Stellar service provided by:

Venue + Catering: Mulvaney’s Building and Loan – Special thanks to coordinator Liza

Dress: La Soie Bridal

Makeup: Makeup By Mel

Hair: Regent Street Salon

Florist: Mom’s Wholesale Florist

DJ: DJ Rafael

Hotel: Residence Inn Sacramento Downtown at Capitol Park

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    Beautiful!!!! I should know better than looking at wedding pics at work..I always tear up! What a wonderful love story told through your photos.

    • P.J. Oswald 01-11-2018

      I’m so glad you took the time to read through, Josephine. I should have marked this “not safe for work”, eh? 🙂

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