Jensen Botanical Gardens and Some Fun-loving Portraits

Fall Family Portrait at Jensen Botanical Gardens

Sporting a llama sweatshirt and some nifty kicks, this little man was ready to rock his family portraits at Jensen Botanical Gardens. Being the generous guy that he is, he even invited his mom and dad along. He hoped they’d be able to behave themselves.

Emma and Brent are the sort of parents who ensure their son gets a healthy dose of fun–indoors, outdoors or otherwise (wherever that might be). Playtime is not optional, in other words. So as soon as we got to Carmichael’s Jensen Botanical Gardens, the little man’s eyes lit up at the world in front of him. And best of all, mom and dad encouraged him to keep on exploring, climbing, and introducing himself to any chickens passing by. Now I think they were having fun, but as for me, I was having a blast. I can never get enough of being with folks whose joy in life in contagious. Maybe I need a cowboy hat of my own?

Speaking of joy, here are some of the family portraits we made that fall afternoon: