Mountain Quarries Bridge Engagement

Mountain Quarries Bridge Engagement

Great destinations are worth the distance. I’ve come to believe that maxim over the years as my adventures take me further from home. And I suspect that Allie and Walter are believers too, which is why they made their way from the Bay Area up to Mountain Quarries Bridge for their engagement session.

Allie and Walter call San Mateo home these days, but it’s also the place they fell in love when Allie’s friend decided to play matchmaker and connect her with mutual friend Walter. They both took the bait, and had a first conversation by Facetime–which they both agree was a bit awkward. Nevertheless, they were intrigued enough to take the next step and set a first date, you know, in person. The duo hit it off. While they have opposite work schedules that keep them from each other during the day, they spend their weekends hiking, backpacking and enjoying wine. And when they can squeeze in even more time, they pull out their passports and heading off to explore new countries. Thanks to a surprise marriage proposal in Lake Tahoe, they’re travelling fast toward the wedding day and a lifetime together.

Here are some of the cozy/silly/epic moments we caught during their engagement session at Auburn State Recreation Area, near the Mountain Quarries Bridge. Broken dress straps, rattlesnake crossings, and chilly water couldn’t stop the joy that these two have together. So we created imagery in and along the American River and by the towering rock faces that line this little valley.

Take a look, eh?