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These two lovebirds found each other not all that long ago. But after they did, Amy and Darrin quickly realized that their future would be best spent together. Lucky for Erica and I, we got to come along for the ride and photograph their wedding day at Rough and Ready Vineyard and Guesthouse in—you guessed it—Rough and Ready, California.


The Whole Enchilada – Moab Part 3

06 May 2016, Posted by P.J. Oswald in People, Places

We had come this far, and there was no turning back: The Whole Enchilada Trail.

The previous day’s mountain bike rides across some of Moab’s most treacherous terrain left our muscles aching and longing for a day off. The fact that weeks ago we had reserved a shuttle to take us up for an all-day downhill ride meant that we had barely enough time to catch our breath. That was just the motivation we needed. (more…)

Grace and the Slickrock Trail – Moab Part 2

26 Apr 2016, Posted by P.J. Oswald in People, Places

My body had no business waking up at 6:00am that morning. Not when my kids (who rise with the sun) were two states away. Not after a through-the-night road trip, a time zone change, and a rough ride at Navajo Rocks the day before. Yet, there I was in a hotel room in Moab, Utah: exhausted, and wide awake.

Had I known what was in store for that day, I might have pulled the covers over my head one more time.