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Places 12-08-2015 Gables for Good Looking Out

Our little house is a charmer. For instance, the distressed hardware on the doors dates back to 1947. Not because it is fashionable to place distressed knobs on doors, but rather because nobody has bothered to replace them. The same is true of our blue and white kitchen tile, and I certainly dig those antique touches. Though some …

Things 11-19-2015 Salesman In the Family

Me and my braddah were like two coconuts in a palm tree. Sure, we had hundreds of brothers and sisters running ’round da beaches here. But Frankie and I, we had something different. But then Frankie left our island. Went to some other island across da pond. I never got it, but hey, that’s probably why he’s a millionaire and I’m …

People 11-10-2015 Fearfully, Wonderfully

On a black sand beach covered with rocks, he chose this one. He clutched the little stone with the same joy he might muster for a Christmas gift (or for the empty cardboard box the gift came in). If I’ve learned anything from him, it is that wonder can surface in plain sight. After all, he found …

Places 11-03-2015 Edinburgh Rooftops

I returned to find the city was just as I had left it: cloud-covered and as charming as ever. I breathed deeply and started my climb to the castle.

People 10-29-2015 Quiet In The Apple Orchard

Most of my attempts at photographing portraits of my children are a disaster. If I separate my kids and photograph them one at a time, there are good odds that I’ll get a workable photo. Put two kids in the frame and the odds plummet. Three kids? Fuggedaboutit!

Engagement 10-24-2015 Didn’t See It Coming at Castello Di Amorosa

Part of my recent transition from photo blogger to professional photographer has meant being ready for the new: New assignments. New locations. New expectations. Challenging? Of course. Exhilarating? You betcha. I most certainly didn’t see this surprise proposal at Castello Di Amorosa coming. And neither did she.

Places Things 10-20-2015 Browsing and the Forlorn Zebra

Normally, I’m not one to enjoy browsing. My wife will tell you that nothing drains the color from my skin like shopping aimlessly in stores. I’d much rather research a product online until I’m confident I’ve found what I want. That way I can run into a store, grab what I’m looking for, pay and leave in less time …

Places 09-28-2015 Hazed and Bemused

The sight of this image conjures up that inescapable smell of smoke. Or perhaps the flames of a long, dry summer continue to waft their stinging smoke through my neighborhood. At least I’m pretty sure there’s nothing burning in the oven right now.

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