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Places 09-15-2015 Th’ Muckle Loch Ness

Ordinarily, you’d expect to see the color green in photos of Scotland. Or at least a man in a kilt, clutching his pipes looking wistfully at the horizon … perhaps at freedom itself. It would also seem that you’re obligated to offer illustrations of the Loch Ness Monster whenever discussing the famous lake. When others zig, …

Weddings 09-10-2015 Wedding Day in the Woods

My wife and I dropped off our kids at the in-laws’ house just after the break of dawn that Sunday morning. Even though it was early, we hustled back to the car with nervous energy and jumped in. We exchanged a knowing look — as well as a gulp. This was going to be a special day for so many reasons.

Things 09-08-2015 Behind Bars

I feel a twinge of remorse when I see a dog without a job. That’s probably because I contribute to my own dog’s lack of gainful employment. Most home-dwelling American dogs are living far from the fields and farms where they were bred to thrive.

People Places 09-01-2015 One Last Dive

If you’ve read any of my other stories of Hawaii, you’ll know that water and I are not the best of friends. And yet I continue to find myself riding boats that speed me out to the depths of the ocean for snorkeling. Chalk it up to peer pressure. Or my forgetfulness!

People 08-29-2015 Smartphone Saturday: My Little Delinquent

Who has time to edit photos and write quirky stories behind them anyway? Well, I do, and often on weekdays. Not on Saturdays though. Smartphone Saturdays are for simple, unedited photos from my phone that give you a peek at my life. Today’s photo is a wintertime image of my little guy William looking guilty. …

People 08-28-2015 Lady Love

There are days where your love story is difficult to remember. You know the days I’m talking about; Under the weight of picking up and dropping off kids, a bulging social calendar, and the steady decay of my brain, it can be tricky to recall that there was a time that all I thought about was the girl that …

People 08-22-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Selfie at Trail’s End

Saturday is full of things other than blogging for me. Nevertheless, I carve out a bit of time to post a simple, unedited photo from my smartphone for a glimpse into my life. I hear the kids these days calling them “selfies”. Why, in my day, we called them “self-portraits”! A more dignified title, don’t …

Things 08-21-2015 Shoeshine

For most folks, a camping trip leaves a thin layer of dust over just about everything you take along. The same is true for the Oswald family, only we come home from the campsite with a second and third layer of dirt.

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