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Browsing and the Forlorn Zebra

20 Oct 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places, Things

Normally, I’m not one to enjoy browsing.

My wife will tell you that nothing drains the color from my skin like shopping aimlessly in stores. I’d much rather research a product online until I’m confident I’ve found what I want. That way I can run into a store, grab what I’m looking for, pay and leave in less time than you can say “Amazon”. If I’m honest, I usually will just buy what I’m looking for on Amazon.

But someone may have found a cure for my distaste of browsing… (more…)

Hazed and Bemused

28 Sep 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places

The sight of this image conjures up that inescapable smell of smoke. Or perhaps the flames of a long, dry summer continue to waft their stinging smoke through my neighborhood.

At least I’m pretty sure there’s nothing burning in the oven right now.


View from the Claremont

18 Sep 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in People, Places

The old phone jumped with a shrill ring.

“Mr. Oswald? Good evening. Our man is ready to take you up to the penthouse, if you’re ready”.

Those are words I had never heard before. So I figured I’d best bring my camera along.


Th’ Muckle Loch Ness

15 Sep 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places

Ordinarily, you’d expect to see the color green in photos of Scotland. Or at least a man in a kilt, clutching his pipes looking wistfully at the horizon … perhaps at freedom itself. It would also seem that you’re obligated to offer illustrations of the Loch Ness Monster whenever discussing the famous lake.

When others zig, I prefer to zag I suppose. (more…)