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Places 05-28-2015 A Break in the Clouds of Depression

If the sort of epic battles you see in summer blockbusters play out anywhere in the real world, they just might happen in the clouds above Scotland. Or, you know, in your mind.

People 05-26-2015 How to Change the Oil (With the Kids)

Here’s my theory; Whenever we can’t really figure out who first coined a saying, we claim it was an African proverb. Case in point: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Whoever it was that actually said it, they’re right on the money.

Things 05-23-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Poor Llama

Picture that scene at the end of The Flintstones when the bird squawks and Fred is done with work for the day. His joy takes him through jumps and flips and slides down dinosaur tails. That’s me on Saturdays. No blogging here, other than me posting a simple, unedited photo from my smartphone. Today’s photo is …

People 05-21-2015 Before the Hammer Throw

Call up a picture of the Summer Olympic Games in your mind. Then do away with any competitions that have to do with turning in the fastest time, swimming in pools, or hitting the center of a target. And then picture your athletes dressed in kilts. What you’ve got left is the Scottish Highland Games. 

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Places Things 05-19-2015 Hard Candy Ferris Wheel

My mom didn’t let my brother and I eat those colorful, sweetened cereals when we were young. We probably knew every Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Lucky Charms jingle by heart, but we weren’t allowed to eat them. With colors so blatantly artificial, there could be nothing redeeming about a bowl full of the stuff, she …

Places 05-16-2015 Smartphone Saturday: McCaig’s Tower

Saturday is a wonderful day to not blog and hang out with my kiddos instead. That’s why on this last day of the week, you’ll see a simple, unedited photo captured by my Lumia 1020 smartphone. Today’s photo shows the entrance to the only replica of the Roman Colosseum that is built in the hills …

Things 05-15-2015 Cookies in the Oven

Sure, those store bought cookies with a summit of frosting on top hit the spot every once in a while. They offer that hit of sugar that seems to linger in my kids’ bloodstream for at least a week. And the colors, THE COLORS! And yet I am convinced that the best cookies come from a place …

Things 05-14-2015 Great Grandma’s Singular Rose

After seeing my fill of plastic eggs with their day-glo colors, it came as a relief to finally see something of real color and beauty.

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