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Things 04-14-2015 Of Grumpiness and Seagulls

Used to be that a seagull could get some respect from the ol’ lady. But I sez that those days is long gone. My own wife, she treats me like I just hatched or sumthin’. “Gus,” she sez, “We need a bigguh ledge, like my cousin Vi down the street.” “Gus,” she squawks, “You gots to ask …

People Places Things 04-11-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Farewell, Phone Booth

The sixth day of the week is my chance to take a breather from blogging. But I can’t help myself from at least posting an unedited photo from my smartphone. Today’s photo is from Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow. I watched as one of the last phone booths in the city was plucked from the …

Uncategorized 04-10-2015 Taro Plants and First Dates

Nobody ever accused me of being suave. And I don’t recall anyone ever calling me a Casanova. So perhaps the taro plant is some sort of aphrodisiac. Otherwise, I don’t have any explanation for why I got a second date.

Things 04-08-2015 Seats Before the Wedding Ceremony

These folding chairs are the sort that you see when you show up for a wedding ceremony. But on this particular day, I was most certainly not on the guest list.

Places 04-06-2015 Meanwhile, Back at the Lair…

For all you know, this could very well be the bad guy’s lair, nestled in some dark corner of Gotham City. Or it could home to Sacramento’s hippest senior citizens!

Places 04-04-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Texture and Time of Day

It’s Saturday, which means that I take a rest from blogging to do non-screen and keyboard related things for the weekend. But Smartphone Saturdays mean you still get one of my favorite unedited photos from my smart phone. I love the texture of this photo, not to mention the color change that happened to this …

Places 04-03-2015 Contentment at Old Calton Hill

Novice photographers often ask the question, “What’s the best camera?” The veteran photographer answers, “The camera you have in your hand right now.”

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