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Smartphone Saturday: The Not Very British Invasion

13 Jun 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Things

Smartphone Saturday has arrived again. This is the day I take a break from my storytelling to post a simple, unedited smartphone photo from my trusty Lumia 1020. It’s a bit lighter than my DSLR, but it still captures memories!

On a recent vacation to the big island of Hawaii, I discovered that there are no jet ways at the Kona Airport. All passengers disembark from ramps that take them directly down to the runway. I felt a bit like I was a part of that iconic British Invasion scene of the Beatles arriving in America, waving to adoring fans as they stepped out of the plane. For whatever reason, nobody screamed or fainted when I stepped out. Maybe I need a haircut or something.


The Bride and Her Voice

12 Jun 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Weddings

Had I been in her shoes, I would have been quaking with fear at the notion of singing before a crowd on my wedding day.

Had I been in her shoes, I also would have fallen on my face. I’ve never worn high heels.


Kailua-Kona Sunset Challenge

10 Jun 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places

We sat down to dinner on our condominium balcony, eager to enjoy a big meal after a fun-filled day on the sunny beaches of Hawaii. But within another ten minutes, my camera and I would find ourselves on a rocky beach in front of a stunning sunset.

Had it been up to me, I would have missed it all. Call me Mr. Oblivious.


Smartphone Saturday: Beneath Howe Avenue Bridge

06 Jun 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places

Smartphone Saturday is upon us again. I’ve got just enough time to post my unedited smartphone photo before I slip on a tux and head to wedding of two true friends.

Today’s image displays the world underneath the Howe Avenue Bridge. You too can spot this scene while riding/running/walking/skipping along Sacramento’s American River Trail. As you stand here, you hear the echoes of traffic racing along the streets above while the river lazily washes along beneath. The repeating geometry of the place also gives a distinctly man-made vibe to what is also a beautiful natural landscape.

Hundreds of cars passed overhead in the short break my wife and I took at this spot. Despite the traffic up top, the tons of concrete above our heads momentarily shielded us from the hustle of life.