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Smartphone Saturday: McCaig’s Tower

16 May 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places

Saturday is a wonderful day to not blog and hang out with my kiddos instead. That’s why on this last day of the week, you’ll see a simple, unedited photo captured by my Lumia 1020 smartphone.

Today’s photo shows the entrance to the only replica of the Roman Colosseum that is built in the hills above Oban, Scotland. Yes, I know. Philanthropist banker McCaig set out to build a full replica many moons ago, but was not able to construct anything other than the outer walls before he died, earning his tower the nickname “McCaig’s Folly”. Today, McCaig’s tower remains as something of a dramatic little city park with a great view.

Cookies in the Oven

15 May 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Things

Sure, those store bought cookies with a summit of frosting on top hit the spot every once in a while. They offer that hit of sugar that seems to linger in my kids’ bloodstream for at least a week. And the colors, THE COLORS!

And yet I am convinced that the best cookies come from a place called “Home”.


End of the Line at Point Reyes

11 May 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places

The three-hour car ride was plenty of time to build up anticipation for a day at the beach. Now that we had run, splashed, dug and held back the waves, we were all running a little low on energy. The time to pile back in the van for the long ride home was nearly upon us.

This sunset scene was probably the sign that our great day out was indeed coming to a close.


Smartphone Saturday: The Fox Theater

09 May 2015, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Places

Happy Saturday to you … and to me too! This is my day to take a break from blogging to post a simple unedited photo from my smartphone.

Today’s photo showcases the vintage sign hanging at the front of Oakland’s Fox Theater. My wife and I had made the drive with some good friends to see one of our favorite bands, Nickel Creek, in concert. And if there’s one venue that you can count on to host the sort of strange and overseas bands, it is the Fox Theater.

It was a great show, and the only thing that would have made it better would be staying overnight to see Foals the next day, or Elbow the following week. Sigh.