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Weddings 05-22-2017 Country Wedding at the Bayley Barn (Pilot Hill, CA)

They say that you can’t go back. And they’d be wrong. When it came time for their Big Day, Samantha and Shawn made their way back to her childhood hometown of Pilot Hill, CA for a country wedding at the Bayley Barn.

Things 04-20-2017 An Old Dog and His Tricks

People often remark that I look as though I couldn’t possibly have graduated from high school. Or they ask if anyone has ever told me that I look like a young Mark Zuckerberg. Either way, I can handle being told that I look young or like a genius billionaire. In fact, I appreciate it. Though …

Engagement 03-24-2017 Ashley + Sebastian’s Folsom Powerhouse Engagement

Sure, Ashley and Sebastian first met back in high school. But whether it was a case of the cooties or the right stars not aligning, their journey as a couple didn’t begin until some time later. Fortunately for them, their love story took a turn for the epic when Sebastian proposed marriage. They needed to mark …

Places 02-21-2017 The Falls at Lake Clementine

The years of continued drought in California felt almost biblical. Then again, so did the rains that followed. “Atmospheric Rivers”, they call them. And these rivers in the sky dumped so much water that nearby Lake Clementine was filled to overflowing. A mini-Niagara falls, they claimed. This was my cue to snap up my camera and see these …

People Places 01-25-2017 On the Loose at Cronan Ranch

It was the miniest of minivans, just about as small as any you might find in Europe. Only this one was mine, and it raced along the curving roads of Northern California’s Highway 49 toward Cronan Ranch. It chauffeured my wife, my sister-in-law, and my three kids as well as a nearly carsick golden retriever …

Weddings 01-03-2017 Roaming Lake Tahoe with the Newlyweds

I could tell early on that working with Nichole and Nicholas would be a treat. Christmas comes a little early for me when a bride asks if we can spend most of the day shooting outdoors in Lake Tahoe. Capturing photos of some of the sweetest moments of a couple’s life against a backdrop of stunning mountaintop creation is precisely …

People Places Things 12-27-2016 Favorite Photographs of 2016

In these final days of 2016, the year has already become more memory than reality. And ever since falling in love with photography, so many of my memories are attached to places or people or feelings that I also got to capture with my camera. The images that follow, whether personal or those taken for my clients, …

Weddings 11-10-2016 Khrystina and Cole’s Wedding at Crawford’s Barn

I made my fair share of boneheaded choices as a young boy. My dad looked on at these choices and commented on them without coming on too strong. Jokingly, he often asked the question: “What, were you born in a barn?” Well, Khrystina and Cole, may not have been born in a barn. But they …

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