Portrait of a Daughter

Portrait of a beautiful blond child (female)

As it turns out, my daughter Kali had a taste for photography before me. She received a lil’ pink digital camera at the tender age of two and quickly began to snap photos of unsuspecting family and friends. Disappointed with the quality of the candid shots she was getting, she began asking her subjects to pose for her. She’s a fast learner.

On this particular evening, the tables had turned and I had the camera in hand.

I had recently acquired a dedicated flash for my camera, and wanted to try capturing some photos around the house using a telephoto lens for a change. While snapping pictures of the toyroom, my daughter suddenly began smiling and offering up a new pose every two seconds. I was sold.

I followed her around the house as she contorted herself into all sorts of crazy poses. Most looked more painful than pleasant. But when she finally pulled up a chair and gave me her most simple and natural smile, I knew I had a portrait that we’ll keep for years to come.

What tips do you have for snapping natural portraits of energetic kids?


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