A Rollicking, Romantic Fitz Place Wedding

A bride and groom canoodle in a vineyard in San Martin, CA.

Now it’s one thing to spend time with a couple at their engagement session, when they’re flying high with hope for the future. It’s another to follow them through their wedding day, seeing just who they are when nerves, schedules, and family converge. If Katelyn and Robert’s Fitz Place wedding day was any indication, these two are ready for anything.

Katelyn’s the one with the smiling eyes, only outshone by her 8-cylinder smile. Robert’s the stoic fella who jokes more than he laughs, and who’s likely wrenching on an 8-cylinder engine right now. Though they met each other at central California’s Hume Lake, their professional life took them each to the Bay Area where their love grew into something sweet enough to make permanent.

So when it came time for the big day, Katelyn and Robert retreated to the rolling hills and farmland of the South Bay’s San Martin for a cozy Fitz Place wedding. It’s a charming place set apart from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, even though it’s just a stone’s throw away. Here’s a glimpse at their wedding story…

Fits Place Signage
Fitz Place Wedding Venue in San Martin, CA
Countryside view from the Fitz Place Wedding Venue
House at the Fitz Place in San Martin, CA
A detail view of a bride wearing a robe that reads bride.
Caucasian Bride prepares for her wedding ceremony
A makeup artist shares a joke with a bride as they prepare for the ceremony
A little pre-wedding yoga
A bride and her bridesmaids relax before the ceremony.
A birde helps her maid of honor put on her dress.
A wedding dress hangs, awaitig its bride.
A bride hangs on her hanging wedding dress
A mother helps her daughter put on her bridal dress
Friends watch as a bride gets help putting on her wedding dress.
A bride and her bridesmaids joke before the wedding ceremony
A bride descends a staircase
A bride turns while descending a staircase toward her wedding.
Interior shot inside the man cave at the Fitz Place wedding venue.
A groom looks at his tablet in the mancave at the Fitz Place.
Detail shot of beer and beer pong socks in the Fitz Place man cave.
A groom dresses in preparation for his wedding day.
A groom puts on his beer pong-themed socks while getting ready for his wedding ceremony.
The groom and groomsmen ready themselves for the wedding ceremony.
A groom pulls up a diagram on his phone of how to tie knots.
A groom and his groomsmen work on tying their ties.
Detail shot of a groom's boutonniere.
A groom receives some help with pinning his boutonniere on his chest.
Photograph of a woman placing an orange-colored boutonniere on a bearded man's chest.
Photograph of groom and groomsmen preparing for the wedding ceremony.
A groom and his groomsmen head out in preparation for a wedding ceremony
A groom and his groomsmen pose seated an old Ford truck.
Close up photo of a groom and his groomsmen resting on a Ford truck.
Groomsmen enjoy some downtime by a vintage muscle car.
A groom and his guys pose behind a Chevy muscle car.
Groom and groomsmen pose for formal portraits under a tree at San Martin's Fitz Place wedding venue.
A bride and bridesmaids pose under a large tree before her Fitz Place Wedding
Close up portrait of a bride and her bridesmaids wearing blush dresses.
A bride glances down at her pink and purple bouquet.
A blond, young bride glances down at a purple and pink bouquet.
Detail shot of a bride holding a pink and purple wedding bouquet.
Off and ready for what's to come...
A bride tears up while sitting alone before her wedding ceremony.
A bride is comforted by her maid of honor.
A bride's father and mother walk into a room and see her in her wedding gown.
A father sees his daughter dressed in her wedding gown.
A bride helps her mother with her nacklace.
A bride places a tiara upon her grandmother's head.
A bride waits by a window as her wedding ceremony is about to begin.
Detail shot of a diamond wedding ring and a man's wedding band.
A sign directs wedding guests where to sit at the Fitz Place in San Martin, California.
Two grandmothers are flower girls at their grandchildrens' wedding ceremony.
A bride and her father walk down the grassy aisle at the Fitz Place.
A father walks his daughter down the aisle to her wedding ceremony.
A father walks arm-in-arm with his daughter on her wedding day.
A bride kisses her father as he gives her away during her wedding ceremony.
Wide photograph of a wedding ceremony at the Fitz Place in San Martin, CA.
A bride stands by her groom at the Fitz Place Wedding venue.
A groom's mother reads a scripture to the newlyweds at their wedding ceremony.
A bride's mother reads her a scripture during her wedding ceremony.
Flower petals cover the ground in front of a bride and groom exchanging vows.
A bride and groom listen as an officiant explains the meaning of marriage.
A secret view of a bride and groom from behind the altar.
A bride and groom mix pink and gold colors of paint across a new canvas.
A bride and groom pray with an officiant underneath a trellis at their wedding ceremony.
A bride and groom embrace for their kiss at a wedding ceremony.
An ecstatic bride and groom walk away from the altar at their wedding.
Photograph of all wedding guests in one image.
A bride and groom in the afterglow of their wedding ceremony.
And bride and groom stand side by side while the bride clutches her pink bouquet.
Family formal portrait at a Fitz Place wedding.
Formal photo of the entire bridal party at a FItz Place Wedding.
Photograph of a bride showing of her ring to the groomsmen.
A bride and groomsmen pose behind bouquets.
Bridesmaids fawn over the new groom.
The bridesmaids play Charlie's Angels to the new groom.
The bridesmaids pose with the newly married bride at the Fitz Place.
Silhouette of a bride and groom entering their wedding reception.
A father toasts his daughter and son-in-law's marriage inside the barn at the Fitz Place.
The maid of honor toasts the newlyweds.
Newlywed husband and wife enjoy listening to a speech at their reception.
Detail image of a Mr. and Mrs. sign hanging behind a bride and groom at their wedding reception.
Sunset view of the hills outside Gilroy and San Martin in Northern California.
A bride glances back while walking along a vineyard with her new husband.
A bride and groom embrace in the middle of a vineyard row.
A bride makes eyes at her groom while standing against a vineyard row.
A bride and groom nuzzle head to head in a vineyard in San Martin, CA.
CLose up of a bride and groom going head to head at sunset.
A bride and groom sit by the loo at the Fitz Place wedding venue.
A bride and groom walk along a road in northern California farmland.
Bride and groom walk hand in hand along some green brush.
A bride lifts her dress in order to walk along the rows of some northern California farmland.
Newlywed bride and groom stand close to eachother in farmland at sunset.
A groom leads his bride across the cultivated rows of farmland at sunset.
Bride and groom look intrepid as they look off to the future.
A bride and groom lean against each other in a strawberry field in San Martin, CA at sunset.
A bride leans against her groom at sunset while standing in a Northern California field.
A bride takes the wheel of a classic Chevy muscle car as her husband rides along.
A bride and groom kiss while seated inside a classic car.
Newlywed bride and groom dance together at their Fitz Place wedding reception.
A groom dips his bride during their first dance at their wedding reception.
Photo of bride and groom's first dance at their wedding reception at the Fitz Place.
The groom and his mother dancing at the wedding.
Guests join the dance floor with long exposure images of wedding dancing.
Guests take to the dance floor at a Fitz Place wedding reception.
Photo of a wedding cake alongside a doughnut cake at a wedding.
Detail shot of doughnuts on doughnut wedding cake.
A bride and groom slice their first slice of cake at the wedding reception.
A bride looks back in preparation to toss her bouquet to all the single ladies.
A bride tosses her bouquet to the women standing behind her.
Photograph of nobody catching a tossed bouquet at a wedding.
A bride and groom dance closely during their wedding reception.
Outdoor nighttime photograph of a wedding reception at the Fitz Place.
A bride and groom exit their wedding reception with bubbles all around.

Sugar and spice, snips and snails—they all seem to blend together for a wonderful recipe in these two. Between Katelyn’s unreserved smile, to Robert’s sense of humor and can-do attitude, I can see that these two will make life far more interesting for the rest of the planet Earth. Not to mention making life plenty interesting for each other.

We’re blessed to serve you, Katelyn and Robert, and we pray that the years ahead are the best yet!

Stellar Service Provided By:

Venue: The Fitz Place 

Wedding Planner: Desert Child Events

Catering: Kleinfeldt Family BBQ

Dress: Trudys Brides

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Florals: My Beloved by Brooke Urtiz

Rings: Zales

Makeup: MakeMeUpCJ

Hair: Hillary Miller

Cake: Psycho Donuts and Sammy Matsuoka

DJ: DJ Austo

Video: WeddingMix