Shaina and Josh’s Carmichael Presbyterian Church Wedding

A newlywed couple sit upon a pew with an archway at Carmichael Presbyterian Church

After eight years of dating and even engagement, Shaina and Joshua were finally calling it quits. More accurately, they were giving up their old relationship for a new life of wedded bliss, and Erica and I were thrilled to photograph their wedding day there at Carmichael Presbyterian Church.

Our ties to Shaina and Josh date back some time now. Erica taught high school science to Shaina years ago, and always remembered her as a strong and smiling student. We encountered her years later when we discovered happily that she would be a gymnastics instructor for our three kids, each of whom fell in love with her along the way. As such, we called upon her for babysitting…often. Most recently, we got to know Josh as well when they approached us about doing premarital coaching with them. And what a pleasure that was.

To see these two together is to know wisdom and contagious joy. Shaina is creative, mature beyond her years, and willing to do anything for a friend. She’s a hard worker, a planner, and smiles not with a veneer of happiness, but with refreshing sincerity. Josh is a perfect complement for her. He’s a fun-loving jokester and plenty joyful himself, often caught singing to their two dogs. He’s intelligent and goal-oriented. They’ve walked through tough times and easy times alike and were ready to walk into marriage. How encouraging to see a couple with such a great foundation!

The cherry on top of it all? They asked us to photograph their special day.

You’ll see a few of my favorite photos from their lovely wedding on the grounds of Carmichael Presbyterian Church below. I hope that they capture at least sliver of the selflessness, creativity, and affection these two showed as they glided with grace through their wedding day.

Congratulations, Shaina and Josh. I pray that you enjoy decades of joyful life together!


Photography of two bottles of wine leaning against an olive tree in the morning.
Shouldn’t every wedding include wine named for the bride and groom?


A close up photograph of a diamond wedding ring and wedding band sitting amidst the branches of an olive tree.
Taking rings from the bride and groom to take these photos never fails to raise my blood pressure.


A table with a white chocolate fountain and a tower of fruit skewers, stretching out of the frame.
The room almost wasn’t tall enough for their tower of fruit.


Black and white photograph of a bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding.
No shortage of faithful friends getting ready to support Shaina.


A close up photograph of a young bride getting ready for her wedding day.
The very picture of wedding day calm.


Photograph of a bridesmaid attending to the bride while the bride attends to the flower girl.
So impressed by Shaina’s selflessness. She made it a point to help others get their makeup and clothes on even before she did.


Black and white photograph of a young bride applying eyeliner.
…And then it was her turn.


Photograph of a young bride fully dressed in her wedding gown, and ready to walk the aidle.
Shaina was ready to walk the heck out of that aisle.


Black and white photograph of a young groom putting on his shoes in preparation for his wedding ceremony.
Meanwhile, Josh and his boys were making their own preparations. Mainly, this meant learning to tie bow ties…


A photograph of a smart phone playing a video of a man teaching a lesson on how to tie a bow tie.
…Fortunately, they had a teacher on hand.


A photograph of five groomsmen circling a smartphone to watch a video about how to tie their bow ties.
Huddling around the phone for a last-minute lesson.


A young groom sits on a metal chair against a background of redwoods.
Our groom Josh took the easy path by wearing a clip-on tie. We slipped outdoors while the boys kept up the work.


A photograph of groomsmen surrounding the smiling groom.
Thankfully, the boys figured out their wardrobe lesson right on time for a few group photos.


Photograph of a young bride and her five bridesmaids.
The ladies were ready to go as well, sans bow ties.


A group photo of a groom and his groomsmen with a shallow depth of field.
Josh was cool as a cucumber with just minutes to marriage…


Photograph of a young caucasian groom tearing up at the sight of his bride during their wedding ceremony.
…Until he saw Shaina walk down the aisle.


Photograph of a crowd looking on at a young man and woman getting married.
Getting wedded.


A photograph of a young bride and groom pouring wine from their own bottles into a single glass carafe.
Remember the wine I showed you earlier? Here they created their custom blend.


A photography of a young bride and groom kissing at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony.
The kiss.


Funny photograph of a bridal party reacting with mock disgust to a bride and groom kissing.
The bridal party could hardly stand all the kissing.


Photograph of two young flower girls tossing their petals over the bride.
A far better use of flower petals than leaving them on the aisle.


Photograph of a bride and groom sitting alone on a mission style brick wall.
Some time alone after the ceremony. Love the textures there at Carmichael Presbyterian Church.


Black and white photograph of a groom causing his bride to smile with glee.
I just love it when I don’t have to ask a bride and groom to pose for a tender moment like this.


Photography of a young bride places her hand over her groom's shoulder, showing her wedding ring.
It seems she was willing to wear his ring.


Black and white photograph of a bride gazing into the eyes of her groom as he sits on a church pew.
The truth is, Shaina just glows with kindness whomever she’s around. This photo just captures a bit of that glow.


Black and white photograph of an old man hugging the bride.
Then it was back to the action with Shaina and Josh’s guests.


Photograph of a young girl watching closely as a bride and groom cut their wedding cake.
Someone was perhaps even more excited about the cake than Shaina and Josh.


A black and white photograph of a young bride and groom feeding eachother a first bite of wedding cake.
They still got the first bites, though.


Photograph of a bride tossing her bouquet behind her back as eligible ladies fight to catch it.
A bouquet was tossed, thoroughly.


Photograph of a bride and groom dancing for the first time as a married couple.
First dances were danced, with an unexpected a capella rendition of Your Song.


Photograph of a bride clutching her mezuzah necklace.
Must-have wedding day accessories: the mezuzah.


Close up photograph of a groom wearing his boutonniere.
Must-have wedding day accessories: the boutonniere.


Photograph of a young bride from behind.
Must-have wedding day personnel: the bride.


Black and white photograph of a bride and groom, framed by the branches of an olive tree.
Better together.


Environmental portrait of a bride and a groom sitting at the base of an olive tree.
A little time to breathe at the end of the day.


Photograph of a young married couple peering down from a bell tower balcony.
Up high….


An overhead photograph of a young married couple against a red tile floor of a church buidling.
…Down low.


A young bride and groom peer out from the bell tower of a mission style church.
What a day for a wedding, there at Carmichael Presbyterian Church.


Silhouette of a bride and groom kissing in the shadows.
The end of a beautiful wedding day.

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