Smartphone Saturday: My Little Delinquent


Who has time to edit photos and write quirky stories behind them anyway? Well, I do, and often on weekdays. Not on Saturdays though. Smartphone Saturdays are for simple, unedited photos from my phone that give you a peek at my life.

Today’s photo is a wintertime image of my little guy William looking guilty. The impish smile on his face is enough to convince you that he probably tagged this wall himself. His posture is enough to convince you that he’s either on time out or doing hard time. Thankfully, the reality is that his smile makes him look guilty far more often than he actually is. He’s also got a handsome smile, and we’ll just have to practice using that one a bit more before those grade school LifeTouch portraits, won’t we?

And nope, I can’t tell you what “POFO” means. You’ll just have to ask my little delinquent.