Smartphone Saturday: Next Best Thing


Saturday is a day of little toil or labor at Fits and Stops. Nothing more than posting a simple, unedited photo from my smartphone for you to get a glimpse into my life.

Mommy had left town for a few days to care for an ailing grandma in another state. When you’re little like my kids are, it does not compute that mommy is not going to be back to tuck you in at night. This made for a particularly tearful tuck-in session with my daughter who was counting down the days to mommy’s return with like the days until Christmas. When it finally sunk in that mommy wouldn’t be back that night, she asked — through sobs — for a picture of mommy to sleep with. When I found one, my daughter’s tears subsided and within a few minutes, she was sound asleep. It seems she had happened upon the next best thing to mommy.