Smartphone Saturday: Not Danny MacAskill


This last day of the week is my day of rest from blogging. Ok, that’s a lie. I blog for about five minutes with my weekly Smartphone Saturday post. The photos are unedited, straight off of my Lumia 1020 smartphone.

Aside from photography, I enjoy quite a few other things. I love family. I love mountain biking. I love … lamp. This photo combines family and mountain biking on a day where my dad and I rented mountain bikes of the glorious Isle of Skye in Scotland. At this spot, we were enjoying the downhill run that comes after a climb, speeding past the sheep that grazed beyond these mossy stone walls. Though we were riding on Skye, nobody would possibly mistake us for Danny MacAskill.

Now do yourself a favor and watch the video of Danny’s ride on the Isle of Skye.