Smartphone Saturday: Selfie at Trail’s End


Saturday is full of things other than blogging for me. Nevertheless, I carve out a bit of time to post a simple, unedited photo from my smartphone for a glimpse into my life.

I hear the kids these days calling them “selfies”. Why, in my day, we called them “self-portraits”! A more dignified title, don’t you think? And we were content with natural smiles. No need for these duck faces. Selfie? Bah.

All jokes aside, this selfie comes from the south end of the Sacramento River Parkway trail. With every day that passes, my children get a bit larger and weigh down the bike trailer that much more. My wife and braved the growing girth and took our bikes out for a ride along this trail that we had never before seen. Turns out, it’s a fun one — especially when you ride it with the right people.


  • Patty 08-22-2015

    Hi PJ! you were riding in our neighborhood! I use to run by kiddo’s in the baby jogger along this greenbelt We also had T-ball games, soccer and in high school two of my kids ran XC workouts along this area! Glad you could enjoy with the family. If you made it to the canal, your kiddies could see the ducks!

    • P.J. Oswald 08-23-2015

      Oh nice! We’ll have to pedal on in a little farther next time to make it the canal. I know a few kids who do love ducks…

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