Landscape Orientation

Things 04-20-2017 An Old Dog and His Tricks

People often remark that I look as though I couldn’t possibly have graduated from high school. Or they ask if anyone has ever told me that I look like a young Mark Zuckerberg. Either way, I can handle being told that I look young or like a genius billionaire. In fact, I appreciate it. Though …

Places 07-19-2016 A Detour to the Milky Way

My throat stung as though I’d swallowed shards of glass. My knees buckled a bit from weakness. My eyes wanted nothing more than to close up shop for the night and rest. And yet there I was, dragging my camera and tripod out to the shores of New Hogan Lake at ten o’ clock at night. Foolishness.

Things 06-23-2016 Giving Me an Earful

I first met my dog when he was just a pup. A runt at that. While the rest of his brothers and sisters ran all around the yard, only he followed me around with little legs and sad eyes. I took him home. It was much the same that Saturday morning when I met this fellow. It …

People Places 04-19-2016 The Trail to Moab – Moab Part 1

What began with the most beautiful woman in the world, turned into a party of four beat up blokes careening through the Moab desert. I never saw this birthday present coming.

Places 03-31-2016 Flight of Fancy at Eilean Donan Castle

Since I’ve never starred in an episode of Downton Abbey myself, I suppose our tour of Eilean Donan castle was the closest I’ll come.

People Places 03-22-2016 Sky High

Divide and conquer; That’s our strategy for surviving as parents of three kids. But when I’m not just surviving, I’m reminded that nothing speaks love to my kids like spending time one-on-one with them. When it was three-year-old William’s turn for what he calls a “Daddy/William Date”, he opted for Mexican food and a trip to the Aerospace Museum of California. He’d been dreaming about this …

Places 03-16-2016 Rising Waters and a Quick Trip To Ireland

Sure, that famous Windows XP wallpaper was pretty, but I’m of the opinion that it could have used a few more trees. So when a rollicking rainstorm somehow transported me to the rolling hills of Ireland, I reckoned I’d better hop out of the car with my camera and get into action.

Things 03-08-2016 Oxbow the Flamingo

The words “Flamingo” and “Sacramento” usually don’t show up in the same sentence. On that Sunday, however, my little boy and I got as close to a safari as we may ever come without leaving our fair city of Sacramento.

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