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Hometown Wedding for a Globe-trotting Couple

28 Feb 2019, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Weddings

Nobody would accuse Tricia and Waison of being homebodies. They're from California and Alberta, Canada, respectively, though it just so happens that their paths first crossed all the way over in China. And while technically it was work that took them there, they see now...

Gamer’s Wedding—It’s Super Effective!

11 Feb 2019, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Weddings

Turns out that Andrew is a master of unlocking Joanna's heart. And that's precisely why Joanna told him "ASH, I choose you!" Yep, here's what happens when you get to photograph a gamer's wedding. I got to hear about the genesis of Joanna and Andrew's love...

A Rollicking, Romantic Fitz Place Wedding

20 Dec 2018, Posted by P.J. Oswald in Weddings

Now it's one thing to spend time with a couple at their engagement session, when they're flying high with hope for the future. It's another to follow them through their wedding day, seeing just who they are when nerves, schedules, and family converge. If Katelyn...