People 06-06-2016 Flying Back to the Nest

Typically, it’s the children who leave the nest to make a life for themselves. It didn’t work that way in our family. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Places 03-31-2016 Flight of Fancy at Eilean Donan Castle

Since I’ve never starred in an episode of Downton Abbey myself, I suppose our tour of Eilean Donan castle was the closest I’ll come.

People Places 03-01-2016 Full of Promise

There are many feelings that I wish I could bottle, only to save away for some other time that I’m feeling thirsty for that sentiment. This moment of promise was precisely one of those times. Had it been bottled, I believe it would have aged quite nicely.

Places 11-03-2015 Edinburgh Rooftops

I returned to find the city was just as I had left it: cloud-covered and as charming as ever. I breathed deeply and started my climb to the castle.

Places 09-15-2015 Th’ Muckle Loch Ness

Ordinarily, you’d expect to see the color green in photos of Scotland. Or at least a man in a kilt, clutching his pipes looking wistfully at the horizon … perhaps at freedom itself. It would also seem that you’re obligated to offer illustrations of the Loch Ness Monster whenever discussing the famous lake. When others zig, …

Places 08-01-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Lonely Chapel

No how-to tutorials or epic stories today. It is Smartphone Saturday. Just a simple, unedited photo from my smartphone. Ten minutes earlier we were running off the beach at St. Andrews to our van, in vain hopes of escaping a sudden Scottish downpour. We cranked the heater to its highest setting and drove north toward …

People Places 07-11-2015 Smartphone Saturday: Arthur’s Seat

Nope. No lengthy stories for you today since today is another Smartphone Saturday. A photoblogger needs a bit of rest after all! That means I’ll leave you with an unedited photo from my trusty smartphone. This vista comes to you from the top of Arthur’s Seat — a dormant volcano in the center of Edinburgh, …

Places Things 07-03-2015 Ferry Crossing to Iona

We Americans are used to notion of driving anywhere we want to go. We’re accustomed to land, lots of land, stretching out over the contours of a gigantic continent. No wilderness will stop us from laying railroad track and pouring new highways to take us where we need to go. Heck, this is the home of the cross-country …

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