People Places 09-13-2016 Campsite Full of Kids

When I spent what felt like a full day packing the car to prepare for a two days of camping, I was hoping that there would be a payoff. I wasn’t disappointed.

Weddings 05-26-2016 Amy and Darrin’s Wedding at Rough and Ready Vineyard

These two lovebirds found each other not all that long ago. But after they did, Amy and Darrin quickly realized that their future would be best spent together. Lucky for Erica and I, we got to come along for the ride and photograph their wedding day at Rough and Ready Vineyard and Guesthouse in—you guessed it—Rough and …

Things 03-08-2016 Oxbow the Flamingo

The words “Flamingo” and “Sacramento” usually don’t show up in the same sentence. On that Sunday, however, my little boy and I got as close to a safari as we may ever come without leaving our fair city of Sacramento.

People Things 01-19-2016 One Leaf Short of Lucky

My little girl is special. Of course, yours is too, because we parents are supposed to shout from the rooftops that our little ladies are one-of-a-kind. But honestly now—how many lucky little American girls have explored the quays of Dublin almost as soon as they could walk?

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Places Things 07-03-2015 Ferry Crossing to Iona

We Americans are used to notion of driving anywhere we want to go. We’re accustomed to land, lots of land, stretching out over the contours of a gigantic continent. No wilderness will stop us from laying railroad track and pouring new highways to take us where we need to go. Heck, this is the home of the cross-country …

People 06-24-2015 A Boy and His Dog at Arthur’s Seat

The bags under my eyes must have been filled with lead, but my spirits were high. It had been just 24 hours since my plane touched down at Edinburgh International Airport, and I was fighting the reality that my body wanted desperately to sleep. And yet the light of the Scottish midday propped my eyes open. Clearly, it was time …

Places Things 05-29-2015 A Deep Breath at Iona

It was a day that felt like a scene out of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. After riding a couple of ferries and the sort of gigantic, air-conditioned bus that makes you feel like a tourist, we had crossed over to the tiny Scottish Isle of Iona. And we had done it with a couple of energetic …

People 04-15-2015 Oh boy, oh boy, Oban Ferry!

Start with one big ferry boat. Add one little girl. Mix briskly. Yield: 500 tons of fun.

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