People Places 12-12-2017 It Happened in Monterey

Okay, I admit that the last-minute trip to Monterey may have been a hair-brained idea. But our little crew needed to do something a bit hair-brained. Desperately. Who would have known that our trip was doomed?

People Places 07-16-2017 Back to the Big Island

We’d been to the Big Island of Hawaii once before but this time the stakes were higher. I’d seen the rocky west coast of the Island and lazed on its breezy beaches, but my wanderlust and growing love of landscape photography spurred me to see what else was out there. Perhaps that’s why I packed …

People Places Things 12-27-2016 Favorite Photographs of 2016

In these final days of 2016, the year has already become more memory than reality. And ever since falling in love with photography, so many of my memories are attached to places or people or feelings that I also got to capture with my camera. The images that follow, whether personal or those taken for my clients, …

People Places 10-27-2016 How I Stopped Dreading My Summer Vacation

You’d think I’d have been chomping at the bit to leave on our summer vacation. Yet there I was, driving down I-5, doing my best to psych up to the days ahead.

Weddings 08-10-2016 Destination Wedding…at the Murder Mansion?

I awoke that morning to light spilling through unfamiliar lace curtains. I hadn’t noticed them the night before. I’m not sure I noticed much of anything after arriving late to this rural Pennsylvania town the preceding night. But a good night’s sleep later and I was ready to photograph this destination wedding…at the Murder Mansion.

Places Things 07-08-2016 What to Do With an Blurry Worldview

Pop quiz, class! Don’t worry though—just one task. Complete the sentence: “Life is…” A) …a journey. B) …a slog. C) …a gift. D) …a punishment. E) Other: _______.

People 06-06-2016 Flying Back to the Nest

Typically, it’s the children who leave the nest to make a life for themselves. It didn’t work that way in our family. Quite the opposite, in fact.

People Places 05-22-2016 Delicate Arch – Moab Part 4

Granted, this was a biking trip. But riding the Whole Enchilada trail the day before had exhausted what little horsepower we had left in our legs. As a result, we voted unanimously to celebrate our final day in Moab by renting some high horsepower instead.

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