Urban Wedding at The Firehouse Restaurant

A bride and groom stand in front of the Sacramento river after sunset.

Parenthood means moving at the speed of kids. Anybody with children in tow can tell you that. And that’s exactly what Erika and Greg did throughout their lovely wedding day at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento.

These two had been hard at work on wedding planning for over a year. Finding the vendors, compiling the guest list, and scoping out venues can easily become a part-time job in itself—especially when you have a killer eye for the details!

Nevertheless, they Erika and Greg made it all happen in the midst of raising her son and daughter. And so when their warm, August wedding day arrived, this duo incorporated their kids into each moment of their story. Erika seemed to constantly look around for her daughter, thinking about ways to bring her front and center. And Greg pulled in the little man at every turn, keeping him busy, sugared up, well-dressed, and in the frame. Just imagine what it would feel like to be young and welcomed into the center of so much fun!

Even more than proving their love as parents, they demonstrated a true depth and sweetness of love for each other. I have high hopes that this love will keep Erika and Greg laughing their way together through decades of marriage.

Take a look and see for yourself…


Old Sacramento Wedding
Our groom lends the little man Maverick a hand with his fancy shoes.


A groom and his groomsmen prepare for the wedding.
Other signs of life in the men’s staging room.


Old Sacramento Wedding
The adult version of “This jacket belongs to…”


Old Sacramento Wedding
Never fear, the bride gets cool gear as well…


Black and white photo of a wedding dress awaiting its bride.
…including this dress.


Photography of a bride putting on her wedding gown
Gown meets girl.


Photograph of a bride applying lip gloss
Adding color into her world.


A mother getting married applies lip gloss to her daughter's lips.
Bringing a little color to her daughter’s as well.


A youn girl looks at her moth the bride.
Roxanne here is pretty pumped to be at the epicenter of her mom’s wedding day.


A bridesmaid puts a garter on a bride's leg.
Garters don’t put themselves on, do they?


A bride clips on her earring shortly before her Old Sacramento wedding ceremony.
Finishing touches.


A black and white photograph of a bride preparing for her wedding day.
Lovely locks.


Black and white photo of a groom and groomsman driving toward Old Sacramento.
Greg and Co. make their way to Old Sacramento…


A young boy dressed in a suit rides in a car to his mother's wedding.
Maverick is, of course, along for the ride.


A bride and her bridesmaids ride to Old Sacramento in limo.
The ladies travel in a slightly larger automobile.


A bride exits a limo at Old Sacramento.
Erika arrives at Pioneer Park in Old Sacramento with a smile on her face.


Bridesmaids help a bride exit a limousine.


A young boy turns to see his mother in her wedding dress.
Maverick gets the very first look.


A groom takes his first look at his bride.
Greg gets the second first look–grinning ear to ear.


A groom and bride see each other for the first time on their wedding day.
A wider shot of that first look at Pioneer Park.


A bride and groom look into the distance.
Brides, grooms, steps: some of my favorite things.


Black and white image of a bride and groom stealing a quick chat on their wedding day.
They look great in black and white too!


A son and daughter stand with their mom and his groom at Old Sacramento's Pioneer Park.
Kids make family photos that much better.


A bridal party poses around the bride and groom at Pioneer Park in Old Sacramento.
#Squadgoals with columns.


A Father of the bride ties his necktie.
Erika’s dad is a multitasker, soaking in the fun while tying a tie.


A mother-in-law hugs the groom.
Meanwhile, Erika’s mom arrived looking beautiful, hugging Greg to show he’s welcome in the family.


A bride, groom and bridal party make their way to the venue.
Walking: what you do when your limo can’t fit down the Old Sacramento alleyway.


A bridal portrait in Firehouse Alleyway at Old Sacramento
Alleyways are good for other things too, like portraits.


A bride rests on teh shoulder of her groom.
A strong shoulder to rest on during a busy day.


A bride and groom look at eachother underneath a wall of ivy.
Looking gorgeous and dapper, respectively.


A bride and a groom search for the back entrance to their venue in Old Sacramento .
Which way to the venue?


Enter The Firehouse Restaurant, a stunning venue for the day’s wedding.


Guests begin to arrive at the Firehouse Restaurant venue for a wedding.
A crowd gathers.


Detail photograph of bouquets and a glass of champagne.
Everything in it’s right place.


A shallow depth of field view of a fountain at the Firehouse Restaurant venue.
Beautiful details all over the place.


A close-up detail shot of a wedding ring and engagement band.
Speaking of beautiful…


Guests take seats at a wedding at Old Sacramento's Firehouse Restaurant.
The courtyard wedding is about to begin.


A mother prepare to see her son get married, with her mother at her side.
Greg’s mom and grandma are ready to go.


A groom looks out upon his wedding guests.
Greg is getting ready to be ready to go. That ageless, anxious look of the man about to be married.


A flower girl tosses petals down the aisle at the FIrehouse Restaurant
Recognize that flower girl?


A ring bearer saunters down the aisle at the Firehouse Restaurant
Recognize that ring bearer?


Detail shot of a wedding dress gliding across a brick aisle.
That dress!


A bride walks down the aisle at the Firehouse Restaurant.
Erika makes one seriously radiant bride.


A wide angle view of a wedding at the courtyard at the Firehouse Restaurant.
The canopy of the Firehouse Restaurant courtyard keeps anyone from feeling just how warm a day it is.


A pastor encourages a groom as he delivers a wedding homily.
Pastor Todd brings the goods as these two walk into marriage.


A bride and groom smile widely as they deliver their vows.
Erika and Greg take the plunge…


…While more than a few loved ones are tearing up.


A bride and groom kiss at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento.
The kiss!


A son and daughter watch their mom kiss their dad at the wedding ceremony.
Their view of the kiss.


A bride consoles her tearful daughter after the wedding ceremony.
Erika dries daughter Roxanne’s wet eyes after the ceremony.


A bride jokes around with her daughter after her wedding ceremony.
All better.


A bride and groom kiss in front of Sacramento's iconic Tower Bridge.
Greg and Erika make their way out to the Tower Bridge for a bit of Old Sacramento fun.


A bride and groom embrace each other in front of Sacramento's Tower Bridge.
No brides or grooms were harmed in the making of this image.


A bride and groom walk down a pier in Old Sacramento.
Heading down to a pier along the Sacramento river. Who needs shoes?


A bride poses with her groom in front of Sacramento's Tower Bridge.
That bride! That groom! That bridge!


A bride clutches her groom's hand as they stand near the Sacramento River at twilight.
A little pre-reception calm before the party starts.


A close up shot of a bride and groom nuzzling.
What are sunsets for, if not for nuzzling?


A bride and groom climb a pier.
The climb back up to the reception.


A bride and groom enter their wedding reception.
A grand entrance signals the start of a serious party.


Photograph of a head table at a wedding ceremony.
This is where Erika and Greg are supposed to sit, evidently, complete with seats for Roxanne and Maverick too.


The groom's brother delivers a toast speech at the Firehouse Restaurant.
Bring on the speeches, like this one from Greg’s brother.


Black and white photograph of a newly married couple's first dance.
First dance.


A bride's son and daughter jump in on the first dance.
Roxanne and Maverick got in on the first dance too.


A father dances with his daughter at the wedding.
Cue the waterworks for the dance with daddy. My waterworks, if I’m being honest.


A groom dances with his mother at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento.
Greg gets his tender dance with mom as well.


Photograph of an ornate, flowered wedding cake.
That cake!


A bride and groom cut their cake at the Firehouse Restaurant Courtyard in Old Sacramento.
Erika had a gentle approach for digging into the cake.


A bride and her brother dance during the money dance.
A variety of gentlemen cut in for the money dance, including Erika’s brother. Looking sinister here!


A bride dances with her friend during the money dance.
Ladies can get in on the money dance too.


The crowd gets dancing at a wedding.
Too much good stuff in one frame.


A courtyard full of people dance at the Firehouse Restaurant.
People in motion, and plenty of ’em!


Friends pose in the photobooth at the wedding reception.
And when the dancing gets to be too much, there is always room in the photobooth.


A bride and groom goof off in the photobooth.
Disclaimer: emotions enlarged to show detail.


A bride and groom sit together at a fountain.
Wrapping up the evening at the watering hole.


I’ve never been to a wedding that enfolded the whole family as well as yours, Erika and Greg. That’s a sign to me that you’ve got something special…and plenty of the ingredients you’ll need to keep your relationship strong.

Congratulations on your marriage, and I pray that the years ahead are flat-out fun and full of adventure!


Stellar service provided by:

Venue + Catering: The Firehouse Restaurant

Dress: Miosa Bride

Dress Alterations: Carla Renee Couture

Hair: Heather Kerr

Groom’s Tux: Snap Suits

Ring: Aquamarine Jewelers

DJ: All in the Details Event Planning and DJ Services

Videographer: Paul Beierly

Officiant: Pastor Todd Wallace

Cakes: Gina Marie’s Custom Desserts

Photobooth: Classic Photobooth Rentals


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  • Delana Loucks 09-11-2017

    My cousin has never looked more beautiful than she did that day and you have captured the most beautiful moments so she can look at them when momming takes away any feeling of being beautiful. Cleaning snotty noses and skinned knees will do that to a girl. But you captured her love for Greg and their love for those kids, absolutely flawlessly! I’m teary just looking at these! You are are our referral list for any wedding we do from here on out!

    Thank you so much!
    Delana aka cousin, best friend, bridesmaid #2 and daughter of the DJ

    • P.J. Oswald 09-11-2017

      Those are some seriously kind words, Delana. Thanks for looking out for Erika, and for speaking up! I look forward to seeing you in the future!

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