Selecting Your Wedding Album

If your wedding day is worth remembering, then your wedding photography is worth printing and preserving. That’s why we offer you the option of purchasing a handcrafted wedding album, designed with the images of your choice and produced at a professional photography printing lab. Choose from the handsome Classic Album or the stunning, customizable Unlimited Album.



Wedding Album Cover OptionsChoose a cover in leather, distressed leather, or linen

Flush Mounted Wedding AlbumEnjoy flush-mounted pages that lay perfectly flat

Wedding Album deep matte, thick pagesFlip through time and again with thick pages that endure


  • 12″ wide x 8″ tall
  • 10 spreads with 20 total sides
  • Every image is hand retouched
  • Fuji deep matte paper
  • Round or square page corners
  • Graphite storage box


Sample Wedding Album CoversCustomize your album with add-ons like debossing, illustration, and wood or metal design


  • 12″ wide x 12″ tall
  • Up to 25 spreads with 50 total sides
  • Leather, Linen, Wood or Metal Cover
  • Etch, deboss, or foil stamp your cover
  • Fuji deep matte paper
  • Black, gold, or silver gilded pages
  • Square cornered pages
  • Added lustre or texture to pages
  • Wood storage box with photo or etching

This album is included in The Unlimited wedding package.



 “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

-Dorothea Lange



We have 146,000 of our own family photographs saved on the Oswald family computer. The odds are that we’ll never revisit most of them. The images that continue to speak to us now and on into the future are the ones we’ve printed. Like those images in the wedding album right there on our mantel. Our kids and guests flip through it casually. I still look it over every few months myself, all these years later. And with all that wear and tear, it still calls to mind all the incredible emotions of one of the greatest days of my life.

Trust me when I say that your wedding album will become a family treasure. What will yours look like?