American River Parkway Family Portraits

American River Parkway Family Portrait Photography

In this family’s case, bigger definitely means better. As in, each time I photograph the family there’s another child along for the ride. That makes each chance to serve them a wonderful surprise, bursting with life and joy. And it means I’ve got plenty of little ones rarin’ to play like they did in this autumn family portrait session at the American River Parkway.

When mom got in touch to plan this year’s session, she wanted to aim for a different look and feel than in past years. Since we’d aimed for parks previously, this time we opted for the fields and wide, open skies of the American River Parkway in Folsom, CA. The grasses and oak trees of this area take on wonderful yellow and oranges this time of year, and the breaks in the trees let plenty of soft sunlight in. Meanwhile, all of the downed trees make for a great playground for intrepid explorers of any size. And there were plenty of explorers up to the task, as you’ll see below…