Gamer’s Wedding—It’s Super Effective!

Gamer's Wedding at Wedgewood Wedding Redwood Canyon

Turns out that Andrew is a master of unlocking Joanna’s heart. And that’s precisely why Joanna told him “ASH, I choose you!” Yep, here’s what happens when you get to photograph a gamer’s wedding.

I got to hear about the genesis of Joanna and Andrew’s love story while capturing their engagement photos at the very same place that they fell in love: UC Davis.

Joanna chuckled as she remembered meeting Andrew at an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship gathering on campus. He wore a magician’s outfit, cape and all (I think it was Halloween). She was immediately drawn to this lively and dashing costumed fellow. Though she really got to know him after ending up a part of his Bible study group. These two found that they could geek out with each other about games, anime, fantasy movies, science and their shared faith. Then came the many walks—or perhaps speed runs—through the UC Davis Arboretum and Walnut Park.

It came as no surprise then when players 1 and 2 decided that it’s dangerous to go alone, so Andrew proposed that the two of them should tackle life’s next stage in co-op mode. So the date was set, the gamer’s wedding was on, and it was time to level up at Wedgewood Weddings Redwood Canyon in Castro Valley…

…But not before Andrew and his band of groomsmen fought and thought their way through some fantasy-themed door games to win the maiden’s hand. For real.

Take a look, why don’t you?

Joanna and Andrew, you two are a wonderful riot, and you make such an glorious team. It’s a blessing to see just how well the two of fit together in life, and I know that everyone at your wedding felt the same way. Nothing but joy the whole way through! May the years to come be full of even more playfulness and adventure. And I pray that the Lord uses the two of you to bring even greater joy to the world around you. Congratulations!

And as my friend Fox McCloud would say, “Mission complete!”

Stellar Service By:

Venue + Catering: Wedgewood Weddings Redwood Canyon 

Coordinator: Megan Rounke at Wedgewood Weddings

Dress: David’s Bridal

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Florals: Petal and Olive Floral Co.

Makeup + Hair: Nini’s Epiphany

Cake: Peeple’s Baking

DJ: iMobile DJs

Video: Matthew Halverson

Photography: Fits and Stops Photography