Muir Woods and Muir Beach Engagement

Muir Woods and Muir Beach engagement photograph at sunset

When the time came to celebrate their engagement with photos, Joanna and Godwin knew they wanted a little “surf and turf” as their backdrop. So they chose the best of both worlds—an engagement session that stretched from Muir Woods National Monument to nearby Muir Beach. Great call!

Joanna grew up in the Sacramento area, while Godwin learned the ropes of life in India. But each of their lives took a turn for the best when Godwin moved to the United States for school and later met the woman who would become the love of his life. Though they’ve grown up in very different longitudes, it’s clear that they’ve got that hand-in-glove fit going on. Their playfulness, their easy laughter, their faith, and their shared family roots in Tamil Nadu make for wonderful pairing. I’m so pleased these two are joining their lives to each other.

All that said, spending time with these two in some of California’s most beautiful landscape was a joy. Take a look at their Muir Woods and Muir Beach engagement session…