Roaming Lake Tahoe with the Newlyweds

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photos

I could tell early on that working with Nichole and Nicholas would be a treat. Christmas comes a little early for me when a bride asks if we can spend most of the day shooting outdoors in Lake Tahoe. Capturing photos of some of the sweetest moments of a couple’s life against a backdrop of stunning mountaintop creation is precisely my cup of tea.

For me, this was mixing business and pleasure. For these two lovebirds, this was their wedding day and it was going to be an adventure.

New home. New jobs. Even a new car. Because when it rains, it pours. The past few months had been full of life change for Nichole and Nicholas, and they had handled it all with grace. Their wedding day was the next and biggest piece of this series of transitions. They knew they wanted to make this occasion something special by setting it away from home, there in the blue jewel of the West Coast: Lake Tahoe.

So loved ones and a certain photographer made the drive up the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Rodeway Inn Chapel in Lake Tahoe. When I arrived and met our heroes, they were calm, collected, and dressed to the nines: Nichole in her dress and Army Veteran Nicholas in his full uniform. Their easygoing demeanor and their joy was clear. It set the emotional thermostat for the rest of our day that we would spend with friends and family, as well as the flora and fauna of beautiful Lake Tahoe.

From wooded hikes, to hornet stings, to broken umbrellas, to scenic vistas, to walks on the beach, well…check out some images from the adventure yourself!

Congratulations to you, Nichole and Nicholas, as you journey on into your adventure as husband and wife. I pray that you find many years of love and peace as you travel together. And thank you for inviting me along for one unforgettable wedding day!

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    Love this!! You were awesome!! Thank you so much!! XOXO

    • P.J. Oswald 01-03-2017

      I’m so glad you like the story. Keep on living it!

      Thanks for letting me in on the fun!

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